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Republican Senate Hopeful Ben Luna Targets Democrat Policies in Bid to Flip New Mexico

Ben Luna, a conservative Latino activist and Republican Senate candidate, is vying to turn New Mexico’s Democrat-held Senate seat red, arguing that Hispanic voters are disillusioned by Democrat policies.

Luna’s Background and Political Stance

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As a political newcomer and the state director for the New Mexico LEXIT movement, Luna is focused on encouraging Latino Americans to shift from the Democrat to the Republican Party.

Awakening Among Latino Voters

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Luna believes that Latino values significantly differ from current Democrat policies, a realization that could potentially turn New Mexico red in the upcoming elections.

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Reasons Latinos are Drifting from Democrats

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Luna cites the imposition of transgender ideologies in schools as a primary reason for Latinos distancing themselves from the Democrat Party.

Shift in Latino Voting Trends

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Recent polls indicate a growing trend of Latino support for Republicans, a shift highlighted by President Biden’s declining popularity among the demographic.

Luna’s Critique of Democrat Policies

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Luna condemns what he sees as a continuous Democrat movement that endangers the education system and echoes historical socialist and communist strategies.

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Outreach Strategy in Democrat Strongholds

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The movement aims to educate voters in Democrat-dominated areas like Albuquerque about the actual implications of Democrat-supported legislation.

New Mexico’s Political Landscape

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Despite being seen as a safe Democrat seat, Luna argues that the close results in recent state elections indicate a viable path to victory for Republicans.

Impact of COVID-19 Policies

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Luna attributes narrow losses in state House seats to the pandemic’s impact on New Mexico’s economy and views Democrat policies as driving forces behind migration out of the state.

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The Importance of Fighting in Blue States

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Luna emphasizes the significance of standing up for Republican values in Democrat-led states, where he believes there’s much at stake.

Luna’s Campaign Focus

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If elected, Luna plans to prioritize America’s founding principles and address border security, particularly in light of the migrant influx during the Biden administration.

Border Security as a Key Issue

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Luna highlights the urgency of securing the southern border, fearing increased crime and drug trafficking as neighboring states strengthen their borders.

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The Significance of National Borders

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He emphasizes the necessity of borders for national identity and security, drawing parallels with Israel’s experience.

Luna’s Path to the Senate

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Currently unopposed in the Republican primary, Luna is likely to challenge incumbent Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich in the general election.

Upcoming Election Dates

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The primary election is set for June 4, with a filing deadline for candidates on February 6, setting the stage for the upcoming political contest.

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