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Republican Votes and Absences Derail Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution

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A resolution to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was doomed by a vote of 209-201, with eight Republicans crossing over to vote with Democrats and eleven Republicans missing the vote. The resolution was intended to be sent to the House Committee on Homeland Security, effectively ending any chance of impeachment as the committee continues its ongoing border crisis hearings without producing articles of impeachment.

Republicans Voice Opposition to Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution

Several Republican lawmakers voiced their opposition to the Mayorkas impeachment resolution. Congressman Cliff Bentz took to Twitter to express his desire to impeach and convict Mayorkas instead of just impeaching him. He argued against bypassing the regular committee process, believing it gives the Senate a political out.

Representative Ken Buck stated that impeachment should be reserved for cases of high crimes and misdemeanors, not for policy disagreements or negligence. Despite this, Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced the resolution citing multiple violations she believed qualified as grounds for impeachment.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Representative John Duarte dismissed the impeachment resolution as a distraction and called for Congress to focus on funding the government instead. However, he deferred to the Oversight Committee on whether impeachment was necessary, despite voting to send the resolution to the House Homeland Security Committee.

Representative Virginia Foxx insisted on impeaching Mayorkas the right way, in contrast to the snap impeachment Democrats executed against President Trump. She emphasized the importance of adhering to regular order and the role of the Judiciary Committee in conducting impeachment proceedings, despite her vote sending the resolution to the Homeland Security Committee.

Representative Darrell Issa believed that Mayorkas deserved an impeachment trial, expressing his willingness to testify during such a trial. However, he did not provide specific reasons to support his request.

Representative Patrick McHenry did not issue a public statement regarding the impeachment resolution.

Representative Tom McClintock criticized Mayorkas as the worst cabinet secretary in history but argued that he was only following President Biden’s border policies. He believed that Mayorkas did not commit treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors necessary for impeachment.

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Representative Mike Turner clarified that no one voted against an impeachment inquiry as an ongoing investigation into Mayorkas is already underway in the House of Representatives. He stated that Greene’s resolution was referred to the ongoing Homeland Security Committee’s investigation. Once the investigation concludes, fully documented articles of impeachment can be referred to the House for overwhelming passage.

Eleven Republican members were absent from the vote. Reasons for their absence varied, including visits to a National Guard unit deployed in Kenya, a death in the family, family emergencies, and undisclosed reasons. Only Representative Nancy Mace confirmed her support for impeaching Mayorkas despite her absence.

Despite the failed impeachment resolution, the border crisis hearings led by the Homeland Security Committee continue, and it remains to be seen if Democrats will adopt Representative McClintock’s standard for impeachment in the future.

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