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Republicans Demand Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Testify on Financial Matters

Three Republican-controlled House committees have issued a request for Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Kevin Morris, to appear for an interview regarding loans and debts that he allegedly helped secure and settle for President Joe Biden’s son. While it is unlikely that Morris will agree to this non-compulsory invitation, House Republicans are continuing their efforts to investigate President Biden’s involvement in his family’s business.

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, and Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith outlined four specific issues they are interested in discussing with Morris.

One issue raised by the committees is the allegation that Morris made tax payments on behalf of Hunter Biden, as claimed by an IRS whistleblower. They also want to inquire about a $250,000 loan that a Chinese national provided to Hunter Biden, with Joe Biden’s home listed as the beneficiary address, reportedly taken over by Morris during Joe Biden’s presidency.

Additionally, the committees are interested in exploring the nature, purpose, and timing of loans provided by Morris to Hunter Biden, particularly during Joe Biden’s candidacy or time in office. Lastly, the committees want to discuss the reports that Morris lent more than $2 million to Hunter Biden, which went towards supporting his family and paying back taxes under investigation.

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Notably, the committees did not address Morris’s control over Hunter Biden’s ten percent stake in BHR Partners, a Chinese-backed state fund with significant global investments. However, Chairman Jordan expressed concerns about President Biden’s awareness and influence in the family’s business ventures, stating, “We are committed to seeking testimony from witnesses who can shed light on the Biden family’s financial transactions, including Kevin Morris, who paid off a portion of Hunter Biden’s federal tax debts.”

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Chairman Smith voiced similar concerns, noting that public reporting and evidence suggest Morris played a significant role in financing and supporting Hunter Biden. He also highlighted the fact that even the President’s brother testified to not knowing Morris or why he would suddenly intervene to pay off Hunter’s substantial tax debts.

The Justice Department, in documents released by the Ways and Means Committee, revealed that they had no interest in investigating Morris’s loans as potential campaign finance violations. This lack of interest further emphasizes the need for transparency and understanding of Morris’s monetary contributions to the Biden family’s business dealings, according to Chairman Smith.

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Overall, these requests for testimony indicate the ongoing efforts by Republicans to scrutinize President Biden’s involvement in his family’s financial matters and seek clarity on the extent of Kevin Morris’s role in supporting Hunter Biden.

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