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Republicans Introduce National Voting Law and Warn Against Democrat Deception

House Republicans have unveiled a new bill, the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act, aimed at ensuring election integrity across the United States. During a press conference at the Marietta Diner in Atlanta, five Republican members of the Committee on House Administration introduced the bill, emphasizing the need to protect election integrity and restore voter confidence. Alongside the bill’s introduction, Republicans issued a strong warning to Americans, urging them to be vigilant against potential deception by Democrats surrounding the legislation.

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The American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act:

The ACE Act proposed by House Republicans includes several provisions to safeguard the integrity of federal elections. Key elements of the bill consist of implementing a photo ID requirement for federal election ballots, prohibiting non-citizens from voting, mandating annual maintenance of voter rolls, and preventing the unsolicited mailing of ballots to unverified addresses. The lawmakers argue that these measures will make it easier for eligible voters to cast their ballots while making it harder for fraudulent activities to occur.

Restoring Voter Confidence:

Republican Committee chairman Rep. Bryan Steil, along with his fellow committee members, stressed the importance of restoring voter confidence in the election process. They believe that the ACE Act provides commonsense legislation that will address concerns about election integrity and encourage transparency. By giving states access to federal resources and tools, the bill aims to facilitate proper maintenance of voter rolls and ensure accurate election outcomes.

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Democrats’ Potential Opposition:

Despite evidence debunking claims of voter suppression regarding Georgia’s previous voting law, Republicans anticipate pushback from Democrats regarding the ACE Act. Rep. Steil acknowledged that the left may attempt to mislead and attack the legislation. The committee’s decision to roll out the bill in Georgia, where backlash against the state’s voting law resulted in significant economic damage, was deliberate, aiming to highlight the necessity of fair and transparent voting laws.

The Future of the ACE Act:

Although the ACE Act may pass through the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, it faces an uncertain future in the Democratic-controlled Senate and with President Biden. Given the political divide on voting legislation, the bill is unlikely to progress without substantial bipartisan support.


House Republicans have introduced the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act, focusing on election integrity and the restoration of voter confidence. By addressing concerns about fraudulent activities and implementing measures such as photo ID requirements, annual voter roll maintenance, and restrictions on unsolicited ballots, Republicans aim to provide states with the tools to secure their elections. As the bill faces opposition from Democrats, the future of the ACE Act remains uncertain, highlighting the ongoing debate over voting laws and their impact on the democratic process.

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