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Republicans Push to Counter Wokeness in the Military with Defense Bill

House and Senate Republicans are making a concerted effort to pass a defense policy bill that not only focuses on raising troop pay but also aims to address what they view as excessive wokeness within the military and the Department of Defense (DOD).

The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was recently passed in the House, primarily along party lines, reflecting the GOP’s commitment to combatting ideological indoctrination within the military. Let’s delve into the details of this Republican-driven defense bill.

Championing the Military and Rejecting Wokeness:

Republicans in the House united to pass the NDAA, emphasizing its significance in supporting the brave men and women who protect the nation. The bill serves as a rebuke of what they perceive as the far-left ideologies infiltrating the military under the Biden administration.

Republicans aim to shift the military’s focus away from wokeness and towards national security priorities.

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Curbing “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access” Initiatives:

The House bill includes provisions that restrict funding for Critical Race Theory (CRT) instruction in the military and the participation of any DOD advisory committees dealing with CRT. Additionally, it requires the DOD to report on the time and taxpayer dollars spent on CRT training.

The bill also eliminates the chief diversity officer position established by the Biden administration and reduces the number of jobs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) above the GS-10 pay grade, saving taxpayer money.

Addressing Other Issues:

The defense bill encompasses various measures aimed at countering what Republicans perceive as excessive wokeness. It prohibits funding for drag shows, drag queen story hours, and similar events. The bill also safeguards parents’ rights by providing them with the ability to review the curriculum and consent to medical exams or screenings for their children in DOD schools.

Furthermore, it prevents climate change programs within the DOD and restricts the use of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and social justice in DOD advisory committees.

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Senate Version and Conference Process:

The Senate’s version of the bill includes similar anti-woke provisions, such as banning Critical Race Theory courses and training at military units and service academies. It also emphasizes the importance of equal opportunity rather than equal outcomes.

Both the House and Senate bills will go through the conference process, where differences will be reconciled before final approval and the president’s signature.

Opposition and Future Prospects:

House Democrats expressed frustration and argued that the bill’s provisions would not pass the Senate. However, the bipartisan support for certain anti-woke provisions suggests that they are likely to survive the conference process.

Senate Democrats have also shown support for the bill, increasing the likelihood of these provisions becoming law.


The defense bill pushed by Republicans reflects their determination to address what they perceive as an encroachment of woke ideologies within the military. While some aspects remain controversial, several anti-woke provisions have gained bipartisan support, underscoring the significance of this issue.

As the bill moves through the conference process, it will be interesting to see how the final version aligns with the Republican aim to prioritize national security and preserve the integrity of the military.

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