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Revolutionary Reviving of the Past: Scientists Create “Mammoth Meatball” From Mammoth Tissue!

Step right up and get ready for a one-of-a-kind, carnivorous adventure courtesy of Vow, a trailblazing Australian company that is revolutionizing the meat industry. With their pioneering approach to meat production, Vow has created a colossal meatball unlike any other – one made entirely from the tissue of long-extinct creatures!

This giant meatball isn’t just a fascinating culinary creation; it’s a remarkable example of the vast potential of cell-based meat production. Unlike traditional meat production, which requires the killing of animals and can have disastrous environmental impacts, Vow’s meat is grown entirely in a lab, without harming any animals or the planet. It’s a win-win situation – tasty, nutritious meat that doesn’t harm animals or the environment!

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While other companies are focusing on developing plant-based substitutes for traditional meats, Vow has taken a bold and innovative path, creating a unique type of meat that is cultivated using a combination of cells from over 50 different species, including buffalo, kangaroo, crocodile, peacock, and various types of fish. The result is a range of cell-based meats that are not only incredibly delicious and nutritious but also easy to cultivate.

Credits: DepositPhotos

But Vow isn’t content to stop there. Their ultimate goal is to transform the meat industry by convincing meat-eaters around the world to switch from consuming conventional animal protein to consuming meat that’s created using electrical systems. “We believe the best way to do that is to invent meat,” says George Peppou, CEO of Vow. “We look for cells that are easy to cultivate, really tasty and nutritious, and then mix and match those cells to create really tasty meat.”

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Why the Mammoth?

So why did Vow choose the woolly mammoth as the centerpiece of their latest creation? According to Tim Noakesmith, co-founder of Vow, the woolly mammoth is “a symbol of diversity loss and a symbol of climate change.” This majestic creature is believed to have gone extinct due to hunting by humans and the warming of the world after the last ice age.

To create the mammoth meat, Vow collaborated with Prof Ernst Wolvetang at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering at the University of Queensland to develop the mammoth muscle protein.

Using a combination of mammoth and elephant DNA, they were able to recreate the key muscle protein that gives meat its flavor, and then placed the sequence in myoblast stem cells from a sheep. The result was 20 billion cells that were subsequently used by Vow to cultivate the mammoth meat.

While no one has had the opportunity to taste this mammoth meatball just yet, Wolvetang is confident that cell-based meat makes sense both from an environmental and ethical standpoint. Traditional meat production, especially beef, causes significant harm to the environment, and reducing meat consumption is essential to combatting climate change.

And there’s more good news. Cell-based meat requires less land and water than livestock, emits no methane, and Vow claims that all of its energy comes from renewable sources. The company has already raised an incredible $56 million (£46 million) in investment, and is poised to challenge the most common meat sources, such as cattle, pigs, and poultry, to reduce emissions from traditional animal farming.

So if you’re eager to catch a glimpse of the future of meat, don’t miss the unveiling of the mammoth meatball at Nemo, a science museum in the Netherlands. Get ready to sink your teeth into a unique and sustainable meatball like no other!

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