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Right-Wing Influencers Rally Support for Johnson’s Voter Registration Bill

Several high-profile conservative influencers were given information on House Speaker Mike Johnson’s voter registration bill before it was publicly announced, leading to a coordinated social media campaign that encouraged support for the legislation. 

Despite the bill being unlikely to pass in the Senate, it received significant social media coverage before Johnson officially presented it at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Various conservative influencers used different social media platforms to endorse the bill, which aims to target noncitizen voting, despite the policy details not being publicly accessible at the time. 

This move is considered a strategy to strengthen Johnson’s position amid internal party conflicts and attacks from far-right figures like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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Ryan Fournier, who heads Students for Trump, was one of the first to share details of the bill on social media, followed by others who actively promoted the legislation as the “SAVE Act.”

While Johnson’s news conference was scheduled for later, social media influencers began advocating for the bill well in advance, raising questions about the coordinated nature of the campaign and the timing of its announcement.

Republican Rep. Chip Roy reposted content related to the bill before its official announcement, signaling early support from within the party. 

However, with Democrats controlling the Senate, the bill’s chances of passing remain slim.

Despite the bill’s limited chances of success, Johnson emphasized the importance of putting it to a vote, suggesting that it would make legislators take a clear stance on voting rights and citizenship.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Conservative influencer Chrissy Clark was among those who received early information about the legislation, sharing detailed insights before Johnson’s public address. 

Clark’s post, tagged with “#partnership,” raised questions about potential financial arrangements between influencers and lawmakers.

The social media blitz continued with influencers posting about the bill, further amplifying its reach across digital platforms. 

Despite the bill’s contentious nature and uncertain fate, the coordinated social media campaign underscores the growing influence of digital platforms in shaping public discourse and political narratives.

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