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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Shows Confidence in Independent Bid, Dismisses Libertarian Run

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has declared that he will not be running as a Libertarian candidate, opting instead to pursue his independent bid for the presidency. 

This decision marks a notable departure from his previous stance, where he had kept the possibility open.

Speaking from West Des Moines, Iowa, Kennedy celebrated his campaign’s successful efforts to secure a spot on the general election ballot in Iowa through a unique provision in state law. 

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The campaign organized a one-day convention, surpassing the required benchmark of 500 eligible voters from at least 25 counties in the state.

Kennedy expressed confidence in his ability to replicate this success in all 50 states, emphasizing the efficiency of single-day events compared to gathering signatures through petition drives.

Despite facing challenges in gaining ballot access nationwide, Kennedy remains resolute in his determination to navigate the process independently, without aligning with the Libertarian Party or any other political entity.

While Kennedy had previously entertained the idea of joining the Libertarian Party to facilitate his ballot access efforts, he now asserts that he needs little to no outside assistance to achieve his goals.

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Kennedy’s vice presidential pick, Silicon Valley attorney Nicole Shanahan, was notably absent from the event. 

Kennedy explained her absence, citing her visit to the southern border and spending time with her daughter, reaffirming their partnership as a “unified front.”

In response to questions about potential spoilers in the race, Kennedy emphasized his expectation to win and refused to commit to withdrawing from the race if he falls short of certain thresholds.

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Kennedy also addressed a recent poll that placed him at 2%, alleging without evidence that the New York Times skewed their polling methodology to downplay his candidacy.

Regarding the situation in the Middle East, Kennedy advocated for the U.S. to support Israel but opposed the deployment of ground troops to the region.

Voters in Iowa expressed varying opinions about Kennedy’s candidacy, with some drawn to his focus on environmental issues and others expressing interest in seeing him participate in debates alongside Biden and Trump.

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