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Rod Stewart’s Wife Throws the Ultimate Shade at Trump: You Won’t Believe Why!

Oh boy, things are heating up in the exclusive neighborhood of Palm Beach, Florida. Pop legend Sir Rod Stewart just dropped a bombshell, and it’s all about the former U.S. President Donald Trump. Get ready for some real tea!

The Friendship That Couldn’t Survive

Sir Rod and Trump were buddies. Good pals. They were the kind of guys who’d high-five over a game of golf. But wait, there’s a twist. Their decades-long friendship hit a brick wall, and Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster, is the one who put it up!

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Penny Plays Hardball

Penny Lancaster, Rod’s better half, laid down the law, and boy, she didn’t mince words. In her eyes, Trump’s controversial remarks about women are a complete ‘disgrace.’ Forget about the glamorous events or high-profile parties. Penny made it clear that her hubby would not be rubbing shoulders with Trump any longer. 

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When the Wife Says ‘No,’ It Means ‘No’

Penny, a former model, wasn’t having any of it. As Sir Rod told Scottish Field magazine, “I used to go to his Christmas party and the balls he held, but my wife said ‘no’.” Ouch. Rod, who had previously performed at Trump’s casinos, was put on a short leash. But Penny wasn’t done just yet.

Quoting The Big T

It all goes back to 2016 when a tape surfaced showing Trump bragging about grabbing women by the…you know what. Penny saw that tape. And she wasn’t about to let it slide. 

Trump, the ‘Nice Guy’?

In an interesting turn of events, Rod shared how Trump had always been ‘extremely nice’ to him. He even let his buddies use his golf course for free. Sounds like a stand-up guy, right? But Rod’s verdict on Trump as a president might surprise you.

“Is he a great president? Nah. I think his moral compass is way off,” Stewart confessed. However, he did give credit to Trump’s administration for a booming economy. Well, fair’s fair. 

Trump Not Backing Down

Credit: DepositPhotos

Meanwhile, Trump continues his relentless pursuit for the 2024 presidential election, despite facing legal challenges. He remains unbowed, vowing to his supporters, “I’ve put everything on the line and I will never yield. I will never be detained.” Sounds like Trump’s ready for a fight. 

Well, folks, that’s it for now. What do you make of it all? Is Penny right to pull Rod away from Trump? Or is this just a big misunderstanding? Jump into the comments section and let us know your thoughts! 

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