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Ron DeSantis Raises Concerns About Donald Trump’s Age as a Presidential Candidate, Citing Joe Biden’s Example

In an interview with a television network, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his doubts about the suitability of Donald Trump, who turned 77 in June, as a presidential candidate due to his age. DeSantis argued that the presidency is a demanding role that should not be entrusted to someone in their late 70s.

Drawing parallels to President Joe Biden, who will turn 81 on Monday, DeSantis emphasized that “Father Time is undefeated” and that Trump is not exempt from the effects of aging. DeSantis further highlighted his own age as a significant advantage, suggesting that he, being in the prime of his life, would make a superior candidate for the GOP.

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He confidently stated that if elected, he would serve two terms, deliver substantial results, and rejuvenate the country. Despite their competition for the GOP presidential nomination, DeSantis has generally refrained from directly attacking his former mentor, Donald Trump.

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However, recent polls indicate that Trump maintains a significant lead over DeSantis, positioning him as the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican primary. Responding to DeSantis’ comments, a representative from the Trump campaign claimed that the former president outperformed DeSantis in the polls. 

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They condemned DeSantis for his remarks against Trump. Requests for comment from DeSantis’ representatives outside of regular business hours did not receive an immediate response.

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