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Russia Accidentally Bombs Its Own City Twice In One Day

Reports from Belgorod, a city in eastern Russia near the Ukrainian border, indicate that the Russian military accidentally bombed the city twice in a single day.

No Casualties Reported

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The bombings, which involved Soviet-designed FAB aerial bombs, did not result in casualties, but they have raised concerns about recent incidents of munitions accidentally being dropped on Russian territory.

Unexploded Bombs in Belgorod

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Russian military aircraft dropped FAB aerial bombs on Belgorod on January 27. Fortunately, the explosives did not detonate, and there were no casualties.

Bombs Safely Defused

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Both unexploded bombs were safely defused the following day, as reported by the independent Russian Telegram news channel ASTRA.

Belgorod’s Proximity to Ukrainian Border

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Belgorod is situated near the Ukrainian border and hosts multiple Russian military bases and training facilities.

Frequent Bombings and Fires

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The region has experienced a series of explosions and mysterious fires since the onset of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Local authorities have frequently reported sightings of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the area.

Accidental Munitions Drops

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This incident is part of a series of recent mishaps involving the accidental dropping of munitions by Russia’s military on its own territory.

Previous Incidents

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On January 21, an FAB aerial bomb was accidentally dropped on one of the city’s dams in Belgorod.

Similar Incident on Jan 13th

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Just days earlier, on January 13, Russia mistakenly dropped Kalibr missiles twice in the Krasnodar area, located in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia. Fortunately, no casualties or damage were reported in both missile incidents.

Injury in Voronezh Region

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On January 2, a Russian missile fell on the village of Petropavlovka in the Voronezh region, resulting in injuries to four individuals.

Russia’s Defense Ministry Confirmation

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In a rare admission, Russia’s defense ministry confirmed that one of its own warplanes had accidentally targeted the village, damaging several privately owned buildings.

Similar Incident in April 2023

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An incident similar to this occurred in April 2023 when Russia’s defense ministry acknowledged that its fighter jets had accidentally bombed Belgorod. The incident resulted in damage to multi-story buildings and injuries to local residents.

Kremlin’s Silence

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As of now, the Kremlin has not issued any statements or comments regarding the latest incident reported in Belgorod.

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