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Russia Is Willingly Losing Planes To Gain Ground in Ukraine, Says Experts

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine persists, experts suggest that Russia is willing to accept the loss of its aircraft as it pursues broader strategic objectives in the region.

Maintaining High Air Activity

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According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), an American nonprofit research group and think tank based in Washington, D.C., Russia continues to conduct a significant number of fixed-wing air missions over Ukraine, despite reports of numerous aircraft being shot down by Ukrainian forces.

Tolerance for Risks

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The ISW notes that Russia’s decision to maintain such a high frequency of air operations indicates a willingness to tolerate risks to its aircraft, most likely because Moscow believes the benefits of these missions outweigh the costs of potential losses.

Reports of Downed Aircraft

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Ukraine claims to have shot down more than a dozen Russian military aircraft in recent months, a trend that has carried over from previous months.

Glide Bomb Attacks

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However, Russian aircraft continue to conduct several glide bomb strikes, suggesting a strategic acceptance of the losses.

NYT’s Report

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A recent report by the New York Times also seems to concur with this analysis.

The outlet had reported that Russia gained strength in the eastern region of the conflict due to more aggressive air support.

Shift in Tactics

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While previous assessments within ISW had suggested a scaling back of Russia’s air activities in response to Ukrainian successes, the latest report suggests that this is not the case.

Ukraine’s Defense Challenges

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Despite facing a larger and more advanced Russian air force, Ukraine has managed to hold its own in the conflict. 

A New Approach

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However, Russia’s increased use of glide bombs in recent attacks, which allow for precision strikes from a distance, has helped them reduce their losses while still striking the desired Ukrainian targets.

Impact on Avdiivka

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The recent withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka underscored the success of this strategy.

The re-establishment of air dominance by Russia by using glide bombs could pose a significant threat to Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

Potential Devastation for Ukraine

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Experts warn that continued Russian air superiority could have devastating consequences for Ukraine.

Without sufficient ammunition and supplies, Ukraine’s ability to counter Russian aggression may be severely compromised.

Why Glide Bomb Use Is Also a Bane for Russia

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Russia’s use of glide bombs near Avdiivka also helps explain why Ukraine has been so successful in shooting down Russian jets in recent weeks.

Reason for Russian Planes Being Shot Down Easily

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To launch glide bombs, Russian aircraft need to fly at higher altitudes.

This gives Ukraine more time to target and engage the enemy planes.

Concerns Over Depleted Missile Stockpiles

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However, Ukraine’s diminishing missile supplies raise concerns about its ability to sustain its air defense efforts.

If Russia gains unchecked air superiority, it could significantly escalate the conflict and hasten the end of the war.

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