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‘Russia Will Lose and Lose Quickly’ if It Attacks NATO, Says UK Military Chief

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, head of the UK’s armed forces, asserted on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is hesitant to engage in conflict with NATO due to the likelihood of swift and decisive defeat.

His remarks shed light on the evolving security landscape amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s Calculations:

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Radakin emphasized that Putin’s reluctance to provoke NATO stems from the anticipated consequences of such a conflict.

The Admiral said, ” The inescapable fact is that any Russian assault or incursion against NATO would prompt an overwhelming response.”

Security Concerns in Europe: 

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Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has heightened security concerns across Europe, prompting increased defense expenditures and tighter security collaborations among nations.

Leaders warn of potential Russian aggression against other European countries if unchecked in Ukraine.

Assessment of Threats: 

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While Radakin reassured that the UK is not on the brink of war with Russia, he acknowledged the persistent threat of cyberattacks and potential violations of sovereignty.

Russia remains the primary source of such threats, according to Radakin.

NATO’s Strength:

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Radakin highlighted NATO’s formidable strength. He said, “NATO’s combat air forces, which outnumbers Russia’s 3:1, would quickly establish air superiority.” He also added that meanwhile, NATO’s maritime forces would “bottle up” Russia’s navy.

Military Superiority:

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In the event of conflict, Radakin asserted NATO’s military superiority over Russia, emphasizing the alliance’s numerical advantage in troops, combat aircraft, and naval assets.

Recent Addition of Sweden and Finland:

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With the additions of Sweden and Finland, the Admiral said NATO has “a collective GDP twenty times greater than Russia. And a total defense budget three-and-a-half times more than Russia and China combined.”

Additional Strategic Depth:

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“Plus NATO has the additional strategic depth of a population of over one billion,” Radakin continued. “And sitting above all of this is NATO as a nuclear alliance.”

Assessment of Russian Forces:

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Radakin provided a critical assessment of Russia’s military performance in Ukraine, “Its Air Force has failed to gain control of the air. Its Navy has seen 25% of its vessels in the Black Sea sunk or damaged by a country without a Navy.”

Unmet Objectives:

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Despite the invasion, Putin has not achieved any of his goals, according to Radakin.

The substantial losses incurred by Russia’s military underscored the challenges and shortcomings faced by Putin’s forces in Ukraine.

Response to Threats:

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Radakin emphasized NATO’s proactive response to the evolving threat posed by Russia, adapting strategies to address the heightened risks.

The alliance remains vigilant and prepared to counter any aggression from Russia.


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While acknowledging the evolving dynamics of Russia’s military capabilities, Radakin reaffirmed NATO’s readiness to confront any threat posed by Putin’s regime.

The collective strength and resolve of NATO members serve as a deterrent against potential aggression.

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