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Russian District Ordered Recount After Putin Lost to Rival

A surprising turn of events in the Russian election has led to a recount in the district of Barnaul. Initial results showed President Vladimir Putin significantly trailing Communist Party candidate Nikolai Kharitonov.

Unexpected Election Results

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In the recent presidential election, Kharitonov reportedly received a startling tenfold increase in votes compared to Putin, challenging the longstanding political dominance of the incumbent president.

The Recount Decision

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Following widespread media coverage of the initial vote count, election officials in Barnaul have initiated a recount to address the unexpected results.

Claims of Error

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The surprising result is being attributed to a data entry error that inflated the votes for Putin’s rival.

Lack of Official Confirmation

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Despite reports of the recount, official sources and the city’s website have not acknowledged these developments, focusing instead on praising the overall election process.

Election Overview

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Amid widespread criticisms and allegations of electoral rigging, Putin was declared the winner of the election.

Kharitonov’s Candidacy

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A veteran politician, Kharitonov was one of the few permitted to run against Putin, maintaining a stance that does not challenge the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Opposition Sanctions

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Despite not opposing Putin’s military actions, Kharitonov has faced sanctions from Western countries due to his political positions.

Previous Electoral Performance

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Kharitonov has a history of presidential candidacies, having participated in the 2004 election and securing a significant portion of the vote.

Kharitonov’s Views on Leadership

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When questioned about his suitability as a presidential candidate compared to Putin, Kharitonov deflected, instead offering praise for Putin’s leadership and national unity efforts.

Additional Electoral Incident

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Barnaul also garnered attention for another election-related incident, where an individual attempted to destroy the voting roll at a different polling station.

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Credits: DepositPhotos – Flag of NATO on background of sky. Moscow, Russia – April, 2023 — Stock Editorial Photography