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Russian Tanks Decimated in Avdiivka Conflict

The Avdiivka region of Ukraine has become a battleground, witnessing significant tank losses, particularly on the Russian side.

Despite months of conflict, Ukrainian losses remain notably lower compared to their Russian counterparts.

Predicted Escalation

KYIV, UKRAINE – June 23, 2022: Exposition of Russian military equipment destroyed during hostilities in Russian invasion of Ukraine, blasted battle tank T-90 against the monastery and cloudy sky — Photo by anmbph

As early as January, Forbes had warned of escalating tank losses for the Russians in Avdiivka.

With the deployment of an additional tank regiment by the Russians, the risk to their armored forces surged, as anticipated.

Actual Losses

Credit: DepositPhotos

Confirming earlier predictions, recent estimates reveal staggering losses for the Russian military, with at least 222 tanks destroyed since last October in the Avdiivka region alone.

In stark contrast, Ukrainian losses during the same period amounted to approximately 20 tanks.

Factors Contributing to Losses

Credits: DepositPhotos

Multiple factors contribute to the substantial losses suffered by Russian forces.

Among these, the formidable American M2 Bradley combat vehicles have played a crucial role.

Equipped with advanced weaponry, including the potent 25 mm M242 Bushmaster cannon, the Bradleys have effectively countered the Russian T-90M Breakthrough tanks.

Armored Opposition

Credit: DepositPhotos

Russian forces in Avdiivka have not only faced defeat against the American Bradleys but also encountered resistance from the Ukrainian army’s array of tanks.

The Russian T-72 tanks, dating back to the 1970s, are among those extensively targeted by Ukrainian forces.

These tanks, equipped with a 125 mm caliber cannon, have succumbed to Ukrainian fire.

Deployment of Advanced Models

Credits: DepositPhotos

In addition to the T-72s, Russian forces have deployed advanced models like the T-80s and T-90Ms in Avdiivka.

These tanks boast sophisticated features, including powerful weaponry and unique propulsion systems.

Despite their technological advancements, they have not been immune to Ukrainian counterattacks.

T-80 Features

Credit: DepositPhotos

Notably, the T-80 tanks utilized by the Russian military in Avdiivka showcase advanced capabilities, including gas turbine propulsion systems.

This feature grants the T-80s swift acceleration, enhancing their maneuverability on the battlefield.

Ongoing Conflict Dynamics

Credits: DepositPhotos

The conflict in Avdiivka continues to evolve, with both sides engaged in a relentless battle for control.

While Russian forces suffer heavy losses in terms of tanks and equipment, Ukrainian forces maintain resilience, leveraging strategic advantages to contain the aggression.

Strategic Significance of Avdiivka

Credits: DepositPhotos

Avdiivka’s strategic importance cannot be overstated in the context of the broader conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

As a focal point of contention, the region serves as a crucial battleground where both sides vie for dominance.

Continued Vigilance and Action

Credits: DepositPhotos

As tank losses escalate in Avdiivka, both Ukrainian and Russian forces remain vigilant, adapting their strategies to the evolving battlefield dynamics.

The conflict’s trajectory remains uncertain, with the outcome hinging on various factors, including military prowess and diplomatic efforts.

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