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Russian Troop Losses in Ukraine Exceed 350,000, According to Kyiv

In the prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the latest figures from Kyiv’s military revealed a staggering loss of over 350,000 Russian troops, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing hostilities. As the battle entered its 22nd month, the figures indicated significant resilience by Ukraine.

Recent Casualty Figures

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The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, in their daily war update, reported that Russia lost 1,080 soldiers in the past 24 hours. This brings the total number of Russian troop losses to 350,270.

Intensified Battle in Avdiivka

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The battle for the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka has seen a sharp increase in the losses of Russian troops. The city’s strategic position has intensified the conflict in the region.

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Discrepancies in the number of casualties

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There are discrepancies in casualty numbers, with Ukraine’s estimates typically higher than those from Western allies. Russia’s official figures are notably lower and infrequently updated.

Reports on Russian Losses

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In September 2022, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu acknowledged the deaths of 5,937 Russian troops since the war’s onset, a figure significantly lower than Ukraine’s claims. A joint investigation by leading news groups identified 39,424 Russian military deaths, suggesting actual numbers might exceed reported figures.

What Ukraine Claims on Russian Losses in Donetsk

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Ukraine’s Tavriisk group of forces spokesperson, Colonel Oleksandr Shtupun, stated that Russia lost about 25,000 troops in the Donetsk region over two months. A significant number of these deaths took place around Avdiivka.

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Russian Military Escalation in Avdiivka

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Since October 10, Russia has intensified its military presence in Avdiivka, deploying thousands of troops, tanks, and armored vehicles in an effort to advance in the region. According to Colonel Shtupun, despite Russia’s increased activity and minor territorial gains, the cost in terms of troop and equipment losses has been considerable.

Shtupun’s Detailed Account of Losses

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Colonel Shtupun, on national television, detailed Russian losses since October 10, including nearly 25,000 troops, about 200 tanks, and over 400 armored vehicles in Donetsk Oblast. He added, “If we count from October 10, when the enemy became more active, in some places he advanced by one and a half to two kilometres.”

Kyiv Remains Silent on Its Casualties

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Like Russia, Kyiv has not been vocal with details on its own war casualties, maintaining a degree of secrecy on the matter. A leaked assessment from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency suggests that Ukraine has suffered between 124,500 and 131,000 casualties, including 15,500 and 17,500 deaths.

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Shoigu’s Claim on Ukrainian Losses

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that Ukraine has lost over 383,000 troops since the war began. However, it is difficult to independently verify the number amidst the ongoing war.

Concluding Remarks

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The war in Ukraine continues to take a heavy toll on both sides, with substantial troop losses. The true extent of these losses, amidst conflicting reports and claims, continues to be a matter of concern.

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