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Russian Troops Face Setbacks Due to Low-Quality Artillery in Ukraine

In a worrying report for Russia, Vladimir Putin’s military campaign in Ukraine faced significant challenges due to issues with low-quality artillery. Complaints about military equipment and troop preparedness plagued the country’s invasion of Ukraine from its early stages.

Substandard Artillery Impacts Advance

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Putin’s troops encountered setbacks in their advance, primarily due to defective, low-quality artillery. These issues raised serious concerns about the effectiveness of Russia’s military strategy in Ukraine.

Russia’s dependency on North Korean Supplies

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Following a meeting between Kim Jong-un and Putin in September, Russia reportedly relied on supplies from North Korea. Thus, the fingers now point towards North Korea for supplying substandard artillery that affects Russian forces.

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Persistent Issues Affecting Troop Preparedness

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From the beginning of the invasion, complaints about the quality of military equipment and the preparedness of troops were persistent. These issues added to the challenges faced by Russian troops on the battlefield.

Impact of Substandard Shells

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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the shells provided by Pyongyang were substandard. These munitions not only affected the Russian Army’s progress but also caused direct harm to Russian troops.

Effects on Russian Troops

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Russian troops suffered directly from the impact of substandard shells, leading to casualties and significant hardware damage. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated, “Due to the unsatisfactory condition of such ammunition, rare cases of their bursting right in the barrels of guns and mortars of the occupiers are recorded, which leads to the loss of weapons and personnel of the invaders.”

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Dnipro Military Group Suffers

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The Dnipro military group of Russia, stationed in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, particularly suffered from the issues in the North Korean shells. The progress of Russian troops has been slow, while they suffered injuries due to the defective shells.

Kyiv Reports Exponential Increase in Russian Casualties

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According to the latest updates from Kyiv, Russian forces have suffered more than 350,000 casualties since the invasion began. This staggering number highlights the immense struggle and toll the war has taken on Russian military personnel.

Heavy Russian Losses in Eastern Ukraine

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In the past two months alone, Russia’s military campaign in the Donetsk region, particularly around Avdiivka, has resulted in the loss of approximately 25,000 Russian troops. This may be partially due to the lack of sophisticated military hardware and low-quality ammunition used by Russian troops.

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Russian Troop Losses Soar in Avdiivka Offensive

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The intense battle for Avdiivka has led to a dramatic rise in Russian troop casualties, with recent figures indicating substantial losses. This escalation reflects the significant challenges Russia faces in the crucial areas of the conflict.

Reports on North Korean Shipments

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Reports from October alleged North Korea shipped over 1,000 containers of equipment to Russia. This may be the root of the issue with defective shells and ammunition that jeopardized Russia’s progress on the battlefield.

U.S. Criticizes North Korean Shipments

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The United States criticized North Korea for the shipments, implying that Pyongyang might be seeking Russian military technology in exchange for munitions. This accusation further complicates international relations in the wake of the war and political interests.

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Military Challenges Persist for Russia

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Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine was severely challenged by defective, low-quality artillery, as evident from the report. The dependence on North Korean supplies, combined with longstanding issues in troop preparedness, raised questions about the overall effectiveness of Russian forces in the conflict. 

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