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Russian Troops Intensify Pressure on Ukrainian Forces Amidst Congressional Delays

Russian forces are increasing pressure on Ukrainian troops, causing concern of a potential attack this spring and summer, as the conflict enters its third year. 

However, a vital U.S. aid package for Ukraine has been delayed, allowing Moscow to use satellite-guided gliding bombs to target Ukrainian positions, which is putting a strain on Kyiv’s military resources.

Experts suggest that Russia’s strategy involves smaller, localized attacks across the front line to gradually weaken Ukrainian defenses, rather than a large-scale ground assault. 

This approach aims to exploit the weaknesses in Ukraine’s defensive lines and gradually weaken its military capabilities over time.

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Credits: DepositPhotos – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is reacting as he attends a press conference on the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion in Kyiv, Ukraine, on February 24, 2024. — Photo by Wlad_Mus

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s orders to fortify defensive positions were given late, leaving crucial areas exposed to the possibility of Russian advances. 

Slow progress in constructing trenches and fortifications has left Ukrainian forces vulnerable to attacks, raising the risk along the front lines.

The recent capture of Avdiivka by Russian troops has shifted focus to Chasiv Yar, a strategic hill town that, if taken, could pave the way for further Russian advances toward key cities in eastern Ukraine. 

Experts are concerned about Ukraine’s lack of firepower to repel Russian attacks in critical areas.

Gen. Christopher Cavoli, head of U.S. European Command, has warned Congress about the urgent need for increased military aid to Ukraine, highlighting the growing power disparity between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

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Credit: DepositPhotos – BERLIN, GERMANY – Oct 19, 2016: Russian President Vladimir Putin before the negotiations of leaders of states in Normandy format in Berlin — Photo by palinchak

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to establish a “sanitary zone” along Russia’s border regions, indicating Moscow’s intentions to fortify its positions and protect against potential Ukrainian actions. 

There is speculation about potential Russian moves to capture Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, amid intensified strikes on nearby power plants.

Ukraine’s limited air defense capabilities are a concern for its ability to protect urban centers like Kharkiv from Russian airstrikes. 

Moscow’s strategy appears aimed at disrupting vital infrastructure and destabilizing urban areas to weaken Ukrainian resistance.

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Credits: DepositPhotos – Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine. After russian occupation. No electricity, no water, no heating, no mobile communications. September 16, 2022 — Photo by podyom

While capturing Kharkiv poses significant challenges, Russian military officials suggest plans to surround and blockade the city as part of a broader offensive strategy. 

Efforts to bolster Russian forces through volunteer recruitment have been relatively successful, mitigating the need for widespread mobilization.

Despite ongoing tensions and military build-up, the Kremlin denies plans for a new mobilization wave, citing confidence in current combat capabilities. 

Russia’s evolving tactics and Ukraine’s precarious position underscore the volatility of the situation.