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Russia’s Air Force Suffers Heavy Losses as Ukraine Shoots Down Eight Jets

In the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian forces have dealt another significant blow to the Russian military, shooting down eight of Putin’s prized fighter jets.

The latest incident, involving the downing of a Russian Su-34 fighter jet in the eastern sector of the front, adds to a series of losses suffered by Russian forces in recent weeks.

Ukrainian Air Force Commander’s Report

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Ukrainian Air Force commander Mykola Oleshchuk reported via Telegram on Feb. 27 that another Russian Su-34 fighter jet had been shot down in the eastern sector of the front.

Taunting Russian Pilots

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He also taunted “the invaders to see their families before every flight, just in case. Because who knows if this time they will be lucky or not.”

President Zelenskyy’s Address

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted the escalating losses faced by Russia in his nightly address on Feb. 21, revealing that seven combat aircraft had been shot down in a week.

Staggering Losses so Far

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According to reports from the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia has lost a total of 339 aircraft since the commencement of the full-scale invasion.

Joint Operation Success

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On Feb. 24, Ukrainian Armed Forces, in coordination with HUR, reported the downing of another two Russian aircraft – an A-50 AWACS aircraft and a Su-34 jet – in a joint operation.

This successful strike further underscores the growing effectiveness of Ukrainian defense efforts.

Loss of Military Personnel

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The BBC reported on Feb. 21 that Russia had suffered significant casualties among its military personnel, with at least 216 military pilots lost since the onset of the full-scale invasion, including 62 killed in action.

The toll on Russian forces continues to mount as the conflict persists.

Ukrainian Air Force Strikes

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Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat disclosed that on Feb. 17, fighter jets targeted Avdiivka’s airbase and other strategic locations with precision-guided bombs, inflicting damage on Russian military assets and infrastructure.

Successful Downings

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On Feb. 19, Ukrainian defenders achieved further success by downing a Su-34 and a Su-35S fighter jet on the eastern front.

Su-35 Pilot Perished at Sea

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The pilot of the Su-35 reportedly perished at sea, while the second aircraft crashed north of the occupied city of Mariupol, marking yet another setback for Russian forces.

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