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San Diego Airport Overrun by Migrants as Homeless Crisis Escalates in California

The homeless crisis in California has reached unprecedented levels, forcing hundreds of migrants to seek refuge at the San Diego International Airport.

With shelters at full capacity, these individuals have nowhere else to go. Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon, California, expressed frustration with state and federal government officials for their policies that have burdened local communities.

According to Mayor Wells, California’s leniency towards homelessness has created a situation where there is a severe shortage of available spaces in shelters, hospitals, and other support services. Coupled with the recent migrant crisis, the situation has spiraled out of control, leaving people with no place to turn.

Over 300 migrants have sought shelter at the airport, adding to California’s existing homeless population of approximately 172,000.

This influx of migrants has put immense strain on the San Diego area, with over 42,000 migrants arriving in the past two-and-a-half months. As a result, the community has resorted to “street releases” due to the lack of resources available.

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The local government’s attempts to address the crisis have also faced financial challenges. A migrant shelter, funded with $3 million from the county of San Diego and expected to last several months, is already running out of money after just two months. This situation has frustrated Mayor Wells, who believes that local resources should be prioritized for helping local individuals in need.

Mayor Wells expressed disappointment with the lack of support from Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and the Biden administration. He feels that his town has been disregarded and left without assistance.

Instead of addressing the crisis, he claims that he and his community have been “gaslit” about the severity of the situation. He called for action from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to secure the border and criticized Governor Newsom for his empty promises.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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Despite these challenges, the nonprofit organization SBCS is attempting to provide some relief. They run buses from the San Diego Welcome Center to the airport daily, transporting migrants who can show proof of a booked flight for the same or next day.

However, a spokesperson from SBCS denied allegations that migrants are being sent to the airport days before their scheduled departures, emphasizing the need for proper documentation.

The situation at San Diego Airport serves as a reminder of the dire homeless crisis faced by California. While migrants seek refuge, the local population continues to suffer from inadequate support and insufficient resources, creating a complex and challenging situation for all involved.

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