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San Diego Congressional Members Investigate Impact of Sewage Crisis on Navy SEALS Training

San Diego’s congressional delegation has made a critical request to the U.S. Department of the Navy.

They’re seeking data on the impact of the Tijuana sewage crisis on naval operations.

Congressional Concern

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Representatives Juan Vargas, Scott Peters, Sara Jacobs, Darrell Issa, and Mike Levin sent a letter to Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro.

They asked for statistics from 2022 and 2023 to understand the crisis’s operational toll.

Specific Inquiries

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The letter asks how often naval training or operations were affected by beach closures.

It also queries the financial and health impacts of these disruptions on personnel.

Operational Disruptions Highlighted

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The delegation noted a significant increase in canceled in-water training sessions at the Silver Strand Training Complex in Coronado.

From none in 2021, the cancellations rose to more than 20 in 2022.

Environmental and Health Concerns

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Coronado, home to the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, has faced prolonged beach closures.

Untreated wastewater from Mexico has repeatedly contaminated the region, posing risks to Navy Seals’ training grounds.

Impact on Military Readiness

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The letter emphasizes the potential harm to the Navy and military readiness if the pollution issue remains unaddressed.

Concerns are rising over the environmental and operational ramifications.

Navy’s Mitigation Efforts

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Navy Region Southwest spokesperson Brian O’Rourke shared the Navy’s response to the crisis.

Adjustments are made to training schedules when water advisories are issued, following risk management protocols.

Shared Community Concerns

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O’Rourke highlighted the Navy’s concerns, mirroring those of the local community.

The pollution affects not only military operations but also the health and well-being of the community at large.

Broader Health Risks

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The sewage crisis poses health risks to military personnel and U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Agents have reported concerns about working in the polluted Tijuana River Valley.

Urgent Funding Needs

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The collected data will support the case for necessary funding.

There’s an urgent need to fix and expand the dilapidated wastewater facility in San Diego that treats sewage from Mexico.

Call to Action

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The situation underscores a critical need for decisive action.

The health of the military and community members, along with operational effectiveness, is at stake.

Collaboration for a Solution

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The congressional delegation’s request aims to bring attention to this pressing issue.

It’s a call for collaboration between the Navy, government, and community to find a solution.

Protecting Natural Resources

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The pollution not only impacts training but also causes erosion and damages natural resources.

Addressing the sewage crisis is also about environmental conservation.

Ensuring Military Effectiveness

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Maintaining military readiness in the face of environmental challenges is essential.

The data requested will illuminate the extent of the impact and guide future actions.

Forward Momentum

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The request by San Diego’s congressional delegation marks a step towards addressing the Tijuana sewage crisis.

It’s a push for transparency, understanding, and ultimately, resolution.

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