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San Francisco Mayor Addresses Homeless Cleanup Efforts Ahead of APEC Summit

San Francisco Mayor London Breed discussed the city’s efforts to clean up streets and assist the homeless population during an interview with Bloomberg Technology. The conversation revolved around the preparations for the APEC Summit, which would be attended by President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping.

In response to host Ed Ludlow’s question about why it took the visit of world leaders to address long-standing issues in the city, Mayor Breed clarified that San Francisco had been actively working towards solutions for several years. She emphasized that homelessness was not an issue that the city had simply ignored or delayed addressing.

Since her mayoral term began in 2018, over 10,000 individuals have received assistance in exiting homelessness, leading to a reduction in the overall number of people living on the streets. Mayor Breed acknowledged that while there were still challenges, additional resources from the state and federal government had made a significant impact.

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Ludlow then presented a question from the audience regarding the recent relocation of individuals from specific blocks and neighborhoods. Mayor Breed explained that this action had been necessary due to a court case that limited the city’s ability to move people off the streets.

However, there were still a few hundred available beds, and the street outreach team continued their daily efforts. Following a decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, individuals offered shelter were no longer involuntarily homeless, allowing for their transition into housing with the necessary support.

Mayor Breed stressed that the city was now taking aggressive measures to provide compassion and prompt housing opportunities rather than allowing individuals to remain on the streets.

By addressing the city’s ongoing efforts to address homelessness and street cleanliness, Mayor Breed showcased San Francisco’s commitment to tackling these issues and ensuring a better quality of life for all residents.

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