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Sanctuary State California Allocates $4.5M for Lawyers Assisting Illegal Aliens

Gov. Gavin Newsom Introduces Pilot Program for Legal Representation

Credit: DepositPhotos

The sanctuary state of California is planning to allocate $4.5 million to provide free legal representation to illegal aliens working on farms. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced the launch of a pilot program that aims to support illegal alien farmworkers involved in labor investigations.

Free Legal Services for Farmworkers

The pilot program will offer case review services, legal advice, and attorney representation at no cost to farmworkers seeking assistance. As approximately half of California’s farmworkers are illegal aliens, this initiative aims to provide much-needed legal support to this demographic.

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Continued Efforts to Assist Illegal Aliens

Newsom’s pilot program is part of California’s broader commitment to assisting illegal aliens. The state has been funneling millions of dollars to lawyers affiliated with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help illegal aliens fight their deportation cases since 2015.

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Advancing Equity and Inclusion

According to a press release, these initiatives serve to advance equity, inclusion, and a level playing field for both workers and law-abiding employers. The pilot program reinforces California’s leadership in protecting immigrants and supporting immigrant talent by providing access to crucial services, such as healthcare and education.

Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare for Illegal Alien Residents

Under Newsom’s leadership, California became the first state to offer taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to all 3.3 million illegal alien residents. This initiative costs the state approximately $2.4 billion annually.

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