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Sanctuary State Illinois Considers Controversial Move: Allowing DACA Illegal Aliens to Police Americans

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is causing a stir with his potential approval of legislation that would permit illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to serve as police officers in the state’s sanctuary cities. The Democrat-dominated Illinois House and Senate passed the bill, leaving Pritzker with the power to either sign it into law or veto it. The implications of such a decision are drawing strong reactions from both sides of the immigration debate.

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A Bold Proposal: DACA Recipients as Police Officers

The proposed legislation would grant the opportunity for thousands of DACA recipients residing in Illinois to join the ranks of police officers or deputy sheriffs. It states that individuals who have received deferred action through the DACA program can apply for positions in law enforcement, provided they meet specific requirements. This move is seen by some as an inclusive step towards creating a more diverse and representative police force.

Governor Pritzker’s Deliberations

While the legislation has been on Governor Pritzker’s desk since mid-June, he has yet to make a definitive decision. The weight of this choice is immense, as it could significantly impact the state’s law enforcement landscape. However, even if Pritzker chooses to veto the bill, the Democrat supermajority in the legislative chambers can override his decision, potentially making it a law without his support.

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Following California’s Lead

The neighboring sanctuary state of California has already paved the way for illegal aliens to serve as police officers at various levels, thanks to a law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom earlier this year. The only requirement in California is that officers possess a work permit issued by the federal government. Under President Joe Biden’s administration, work permits have been regularly distributed to individuals who have crossed the border or entered the country illegally.

Controversial Reactions and Concerns

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This proposal has sparked intense debate among lawmakers, activists, and citizens. Advocates argue that it promotes inclusivity and offers opportunities for DACA recipients who have grown up in the United States. However, critics express concerns about the potential ramifications of allowing individuals without legal status to enforce the law, questioning whether it undermines the rule of law and compromises public safety.

The Fate of Illinois Policing

As Governor Pritzker contemplates his decision, the future of policing in Illinois hangs in the balance. Should he sign the legislation into law, the state will join California in adopting this contentious policy. Alternatively, if he chooses to veto it, the legislature’s supermajority could override his decision, pushing the bill forward regardless of his stance. The outcome will undoubtedly shape the conversation around immigration and law enforcement in the sanctuary state.

Share your thoughts on this controversial proposal in the comments below. Do you believe DACA recipients should be allowed to serve as police officers?

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