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Satellite Photos Reveal Significant Losses of Russian Artillery in Ukraine Invasion

Satellite imagery analyzed by open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysts suggests that Russia has experienced significant losses in its artillery inventory since the onset of the Ukraine conflict.

The revelation sheds light on the extent of attrition faced by Moscow’s forces, indicating a depletion of artillery equipment beyond official reports.

Assessing Artillery Losses

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Amid the ongoing conflict initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, both Russia and Ukraine have been reticent about disclosing accurate figures regarding troop casualties and equipment losses.

Satellite Imagery Used

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However, OSINT analysts have been tracking developments through satellite imagery and other sources, providing valuable insights into the situation on the ground.

Extent of Artillery Depletion

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According to data from analysts High_Marsed and Cover Cabal, Russia has significantly drawn down its stocks of Self-Propelled Artillery (SPG) and Towed Artillery (SA) from storage bases.

Notable Reduction

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The analysis, posted on X, reveals a notable reduction in the number of SPGs and towed artillery pieces available to Russian forces, indicating a high rate of attrition.

Decrease in Artillery Inventory

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Prior to the conflict, Russia reportedly had substantial reserves of artillery equipment at key storage bases.

However, satellite imagery indicates a substantial decline in inventory, with a decrease of 1,489 SPGs and 7,845 towed artillery pieces.

Moscow Forces Suffering Major Losses

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This significant drawdown suggests that Moscow’s forces have been heavily reliant on existing stocks due to losses incurred during the conflict.

Challenges in Assessing Artillery Losses

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While the analysis provides valuable insights, assessing the full extent of artillery losses poses challenges.

High_Marsed highlighted the difficulty in accurately identifying towed artillery pieces and the limitations of lower-resolution satellite imagery.

Despite these challenges, the data indicates a clear trend of depletion in Russia’s artillery resources.

Factors Contributing to Attrition

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The depletion of artillery stocks can be attributed to a combination of factors, including high losses and barrel wear.

Russia’s intensive use of artillery in the conflict has accelerated wear and necessitated the replacement of equipment.

Selective Polarization

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Moreover, the selective prioritization of more capable artillery systems underscores the strategic considerations at play amid the ongoing conflict.

Cannibalization of Artillery Stocks

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Evidence suggests that Russia may be cannibalizing some of its existing SPG stocks to sustain operations.

While the full extent of this practice remains uncertain, it reflects the strain placed on Moscow’s resources by the protracted conflict.

The depletion of storage bases raises questions about the sustainability of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

Implications for the Front Line

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The dwindling artillery reserves raise concerns about the long-term sustainability of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

As storage bases continue to be depleted, the availability of artillery support for frontline operations may diminish.

The implications of this trend could significantly impact the dynamics of the conflict in the coming months.

Ongoing Monitoring of Artillery Trends

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As the conflict in Ukraine unfolds, continued monitoring of artillery trends will be essential for understanding the evolving dynamics on the ground.

OSINT analysis provides valuable insights into the attrition faced by Russia’s forces and its implications for the broader conflict.

With satellite imagery serving as a crucial tool for assessing military developments, ongoing scrutiny of artillery losses will remain a priority for analysts and observers alike.

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