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Scandal Unveiled: Former Trump Staffers Break Their Silence, Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment During White House Tenure

Former staffers from Donald Trump’s White House have come forward, accusing him of sexual harassment in the wake of a recent jury decision that found the ex-president liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll.

Following the verdict, which awarded Carroll $5 million in damages, Trump may face repercussions as he embarks on a potential second term campaign.

Trump plans to appeal

Although the jury did not accept Carroll’s claim of being raped in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman in 1996, they held Trump accountable for a lesser form of sexual abuse. They also found him responsible for defaming Carroll in relation to her allegations. Trump’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, has confirmed that the former president intends to appeal the verdict.

Expressing his discontent with the ruling on his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump disavowed any knowledge of Carroll and denounced the verdict as a “disgrace” and a continuation of what he labeled the “greatest witch hunt of all time.

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Former staffers respond to verdict

One former White House communications director, Alyssa Farah Griffin, discussed the verdict on CNN and highlighted Trump’s consistent pattern of inappropriate behavior towards women during his tenure.

Various staffers, including Griffin, reported their concerns about Trump’s conduct with women to chiefs of staff, including Mark Meadows. Griffin clarified that the reported incidents did not reach the severity of Carroll’s allegations but were deemed improper and necessitated reporting.

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Griffin wants the excuses to end

Griffin urged voters to pay attention and called on Republicans to refrain from making excuses for Trump. She emphasized the importance of taking Trump at his word, referencing the notorious Access Hollywood recording from 2005 in which Trump made inappropriate comments about women without their consent, stating that it was not simply “locker room talk.”

Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary, revealed that she reported Trump’s behavior towards a female staffer on her team to Meadows and other chiefs of staff.

Efforts to obtain a statement from Mark Meadows regarding the matter were made via the website of the Conservative Partnership Institute, where he currently holds a senior position.

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Grisham says little was done to stop his behvaior

Grisham recounted instances where Trump frequently commented on women’s appearances. She specifically mentioned a situation involving a staffer, describing it as highly uncomfortable, with Trump insisting on her presence during foreign trips even when it wasn’t her turn. Grisham shared an incident in which Trump instructed one of her deputies to bring the staffer back so that he could make a derogatory remark about her appearance.

Grisham admitted taking steps to prevent the staffer from going on trips with Trump and ensuring her presence whenever they were alone due to concerns about potential harm. She acknowledged that she had known about the Access Hollywood video prior to learning about Carroll’s allegations, and speculated that it played a role in her heightened vigilance.

According to Grisham, the senior staff members were aware of Trump’s behavior, but their options for intervention were limited.

Ultimately, Grisham concluded that beyond advising Trump against his actions, there was little they could do. She remarked, “At the end of the day, what could they do other than go in there and say, ‘This isn’t good, sir?'” Grisham recognized that Donald Trump would ultimately act according to his own desires.

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