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Sen. Josh Hawley: Left’s Push for Gender Ideology on Children Targets the Nuclear Family

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has raised concerns over the left’s aggressive push to indoctrinate children with gender ideology, viewing it as an attempt to undermine the nuclear family. Hawley discussed the ideological indoctrination of children and its potential impact on family structures and parental rights. He emphasized the need for parental empowerment and proposed strategies to combat the proliferation of gender ideology in schools and other institutions.

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Attacks on the Nuclear Family

Senator Hawley asserted that the left’s efforts to sideline parents and shape children’s minds with specific ideologies are part of a broader agenda to weaken traditional family structures. By breaking down centers of resistance, such as the nuclear family, proponents of gender ideology seek to assert ideological control over the next generation.

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Empowering Parents

To counter the encroachment of gender ideology, Hawley advocated granting parents more power in schools. He proposed a federal right for parents to access information about their children’s education, including details about curriculum content and teachers. Additionally, he suggested giving parents the ability to sue school districts that attempt to indoctrinate their children, thereby holding them accountable for any violations of parental rights.

Addressing Transgender Ideology

Hawley expressed concern about the spread of transgender ideology within institutions such as the military and federal government. He questioned the funding of such ideologies and emphasized the importance of addressing this issue first at the school and parental level.

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Potential Historical Judgment

Looking ahead, Hawley drew parallels to past instances of forced sterilization promoted by expert elites in the name of science. He predicted that future generations would condemn those who advocated for radical and anti-family agendas, considering them promoters of child abuse for pushing gender ideology onto children.


Senator Josh Hawley’s interview sheds light on the left’s attempts to push gender ideology on children and the potential implications for the nuclear family and parental rights. He calls for empowering parents in educational settings and addresses the broader impact of gender ideology on society. As the debate over gender ideology continues, Hawley’s stance underscores the importance of protecting children’s education and preserving the values of the traditional family structure.

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