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Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Stand Against ‘Ridiculous Terminology’ in New Bill: Say No to ‘Latinx’

Biden Administration Faces Free Speech Violation with ‘Latinx’ Term

In a bold move, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have introduced a bill to ban the use of the term “Latinx” by federal agencies and employees. The proposed “Respect for Hispanic Americans Act” aligns with similar legislation introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. María Elvira Salazar through the “Reject Latinx Act.”

Let’s dive into this controversial issue and the reasons behind the senators’ opposition.

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Overwhelming Opposition: Hispanics Reject ‘Latinx’

Sen. Cruz emphasizes that “Hispanic Americans overwhelmingly oppose the term ‘Latinx.'” He rejects the use of this term as “ridiculous terminology” forced upon the community by woke activists. Sen. Rubio echoes this sentiment, asserting that the term is fabricated and has no place in official government communication.

Governor Sanders Applauds the Move

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who previously signed a law banning the term “Latinx” by state government officials, took to Twitter to support the senators’ bill. She argues that the term is used by woke corporations and on college campuses, not within the Hispanic community itself.

Biden Administration’s Push for ‘Latinx’ Sparks Controversy

While the Biden administration promotes the term “Latinx” as a means of inclusivity, it has not gained widespread acceptance within the Latin American community. Rep. Salazar sees the administration’s push for “Latinx” as part of a woke crusade on Latino identity and the Spanish language.

Many Hispanics find the term offensive and patronizing, asserting that it should not be used to refer to individuals of Latin American or Hispanic ancestry.

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Legislation Gains Support and Momentum

Senators Cruz and Rubio are not alone in their opposition to the term “Latinx.” Their bill has gained support from other lawmakers, including Representatives Byron Donalds, Alex Mooney, Jeff Van Drew, Tony Gonzales, Carlos Giménez, and Burgess Owens. This growing support reflects the concerns shared by many regarding the use of “Latinx” in official communications.

The Clash of Ideals: Progressive Values vs. Conservative Stance

The use of “Latinx” has ignited a clash between progressive ideals and conservative values. Progressives argue that the term promotes inclusivity by challenging traditional gendered language. Conservatives, on the other hand, argue that it is an unnecessary imposition and degradation of the Spanish language.

This clash reflects a broader ideological divide on cultural and linguistic issues.

Engage and Share Your Thoughts

We value your perspective on the use of “Latinx” and the senators’ proposed legislation. Do you believe “Latinx” is an inclusive term or an unnecessary imposition? Share your opinions and engage in the conversation.

Your voice plays a crucial role in shaping the discourse surrounding this complex issue.

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