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Senior Judge Lamberth Shocked at Attempts To ‘rewrite history’ of Jan. 6 Riots

In a stern rebuke, Senior Judge Royce Lamberth of the D.C. district court has voiced his concerns about ongoing efforts to “rewrite history” regarding the January 6th assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Distortions And Falsehoods

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With nearly 40 years of judicial experience and an appointee of former President Ronald Reagan, the judge expressed his dismay at what he sees as “distortions and falsehoods” creeping into the public’s understanding of the events that transpired on that fateful day.

Shocked By Revisionist Claims

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Senior Judge Lamberth didn’t mince his words, asserting that “I have been shocked to watch some public figures try to rewrite history, claiming rioters behaved ‘in an orderly fashion’ like ordinary tourists, or martyrizing convicted January 6 defendants as ‘political prisoners’ or even, incredibly, ‘hostages.’ That is all preposterous.”.

Concerns Of Further Danger

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While addressing a ruling related to the sentencing of James Little, a Jan. 6 defendant convicted of misdemeanor offenses, Judge Lamberth voiced his apprehension that such “destructive, misguided rhetoric” could potentially pose a further threat to the nation.

Background On James Little’s Case

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James Little, a Jan. 6 defendant, had appealed his initial sentencing of 60 days in jail and three years on probation, arguing that he was the victim of a political prosecution.


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The federal appeals court had sent his case back to Judge Lamberth for resentencing, even though Little had already served his jail time.

Judge Lamberth’s Extensive Involvement

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Judge Lamberth has been involved in numerous high-profile Jan. 6 cases, presiding over individuals like Jacob Chansley, known as the “QAnon Shaman,” and Christopher Worrell, a former Proud Boys member.

Judge Rejects Meritless Justifications

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In response to James Little’s claims of political persecution, Judge Lamberth made it clear that he has encountered countless defendants who refuse to acknowledge their wrongdoing.

Meritless Justifications

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However, he emphasized that “But in my thirty-seven years on the bench, I cannot recall a time when such meritless justifications of criminal activity have gone mainstream.”

Trump’s Reference To “Hostages”

Former President Donald Trump has previously referred to Jan. 6 defendants as “hostages,” although Judge Lamberth did not directly mention Trump in his statement.

Trump used this rhetoric during a rally on the eve of the January 6th anniversary.

Setting The Record Straight

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Judge Lamberth, drawing on his decades of judicial experience and involvement in Jan. 6 prosecutions, asserted his role in setting the record straight.

“The Court cannot condone the shameless attempts by Mr. Little or anyone else to misinterpret or misrepresent what happened,” he said.

Not Political Prisoners or Hostages

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He continued, “It cannot condone the notion that those who broke the law on January 6 did nothing wrong, or that those duly convicted with all the safeguards of the United States Constitution, including a right to trial by jury in felony cases, are political prisoners or hostages.”

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