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Several Tourists “Disappear, Wiped Off the Face Of Earth” as Mexican Cartels War Over 80-Mile Caribbean Coastal Stretch For Dominance

Private investigator Jay Armes III revealed to Fox News Digital the grim reality unfolding along an 80-mile stretch of resorts on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, where four rival drug cartels are locked in a brutal struggle for dominance.

What’s The Battle For

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This battle for control, aimed at tapping into Mexico’s lucrative $30 billion tourism industry, has resulted in indiscriminate violence that has claimed the lives of both locals and international visitors.

American Tourist Lives Lost

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In the process, Armes says, Americans — and visitors from around the world — have become collateral damage, seen gruesome violence or “just disappear, wiped off the face of earth,” Armes said.

The Cartels Involved

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The four main cartels fighting for business in those areas are El Chapo’s old cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel; the Gulf Cartel; the Jalisco New Generation Cartel; and the Grupo Regional, a “smaller” cartel created by former Zetas.

Mexico’s Tourism Industry

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The significance of tourism to Mexico’s economy cannot be overstated, with millions of international visitors, including a substantial number of American tourists, flocking to destinations like Cancun each year.

Tourist Hot Spots Turn War Zones

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However, these paradisiacal locales have now become battlegrounds as cartel violence spills over into tourist areas, undermining the safety and security of visitors.

Travel Spots Are Cut Off

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Despite assurances from government officials, reports suggest that tourist destinations like the Mayan ruins in Chiapas have been effectively cut off by cartel activity, casting doubt on the feasibility of safe travel in certain regions.

No Rules Anymore

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Previously, the heads of the cartels adhered to a code of conduct reminiscent of the Italian mob, where certain lines, such as targeting women or children, were not crossed, and tourist areas were considered off-limits.

However, this code has been discarded, leading to escalating violence in once-safe resort areas.

Accidental Deaths

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Travelers are inadvertently caught in the violence, becoming targets for robberies, sex trafficking, or finding themselves as innocent bystanders in situations where they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Recent Cases

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Recent incidents include cartel members using machetes to dismember rivals in Cancun, the death of a California woman caught in crossfire near a popular Tulum beach, and the abduction of a New York man who was later found abandoned in a secluded jungle with his eyes taped shut.

These gruesome events, although shocking, are unfortunately not isolated occurrences, according to Armes.

Tourists Are Customers

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Armes noted the role of travel bloggers and social media influencers in attracting large crowds of travelers to Mexico, which is a novel scene for the cartels.

“Who we see as tourists are potential customers or potential victims to the cartels,” Armes said.

“Even if it’s 1% or 5% (of tourists to the resort areas), that’s millions of customers and a big chunk of business.”

Safety Concerns Affect Mexico’s Tourism

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As Mexico grapples with escalating cartel violence and its impact on tourism, the safety of travelers remains a paramount concern.

Underplaying Gang Activity

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The government and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador have been downplaying gang violence, but starting around December, tourists have canceled about 5% of trips booked for the area.

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