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Shocking Durham Report Shows Hillary Clinton Planned To Falsely Link Trump To Russia

In 2016, during their tenure as President and Vice President, respectively, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were given a personal briefing by the then-CIA Director, John Brennan.

The briefing was about evidence the CIA had received suggesting that Hillary Clinton was planning to falsely associate Donald Trump, a presidential candidate at the time, with Russia.

Report released on Monday by Special Counsel John Durham

This information was part of a report released on Monday by Special Counsel John Durham.

The report indicated that this intelligence was highly significant, originating from a reliable foreign source. The intelligence implicated a plot by the Clinton campaign to demonize Trump by associating him with Vladimir Putin.

This was allegedly an attempt to deflect attention away from Clinton’s own issues concerning her use of a private email server.

CIA Director briefed Obama and Biden just days after receiving tip

Brennan’s briefing to Obama, Biden, and other senior government officials, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, occurred just days after receiving this critical tip.

Brennan’s handwritten notes, as revealed in the report, documented his briefing about “Hillary Clinton’s alleged approval on July 26, 2016, of a proposal by one of her foreign policy advisors. The proposal aimed to malign Donald Trump by sparking a scandal alleging interference by Russian security services.”

On August 3, 2016, Brennan held this briefing in the White House Situation Room. The purpose of this meeting was to update them on the current intelligence related to potential Russian interference in the election.

Furthermore, the report disclosed that the CIA sent a formal written referral regarding this intelligence to Comey and Peter Strzok, then-Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division.

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FBI did not investigate intelligence regarding the plan any further

This was for their consideration and potential action. However, the FBI did not investigate the intelligence concerning Clinton’s plan further.

The report contrasted this lack of action with the FBI’s vigorous investigation of unnamed members of the Trump campaign.

This investigation was based on raw, unverified information. In the case of the alleged Clinton campaign plan, the report noted, “the FBI never opened any type of inquiry, issued any taskings, employed any analytical personnel, or produced any analytical products in connection with the information.”

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Obama and Biden were aware of the origins of the Russian collusion

This revelation suggests that despite Obama and Biden being aware of the alleged origins of the Trump campaign Russian collusion allegations as part of a Clinton plan, they neither intervened nor corrected this narrative.

They even perpetuated the notion of Russian interference in U.S. elections.

On July 25, 2019, after launching his presidential campaign, Biden tweeted: “Russia undermined our democracy by interfering in the 2016 election. That’s a fact. We need a President who will stand up to the Kremlin, push back against Putin, and take immediate steps to ensure the security of our elections.”

In October 2019, Biden further perpetuated the unfounded accusation of Trump colluding with Russia. He tweeted Trump’s comment from the campaign trail, “Russia if you’re listening,” which was originally a joke related to Clinton’s missing emails from her private server.

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