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Shocking Revelations About Jeffrey Epstein Contact And The Obama Administration

During his eight years in office, President Barack Obama was often perceived as waging war against Wall Street and K Street while maintaining a scandal-free administration.

Kathy Ruemmler had ties to Jeffrey Epstein

However, recent revelations involving Kathy Ruemmler, a lawyer with ties to the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, challenge the former president’s public image.

Ruemmler has navigated through various positions, from private practice to the Clinton and Obama administrations and then to Goldman Sachs.

Recently disclosed records show that she met with Epstein dozens of times after her tenure at the White House and before joining Goldman Sachs.

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Ruemmler and Epstein planed international trips

According to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein even planned for Ruemmler to accompany him to Paris in 2015 and his private Caribbean island in 2017.

Ruemmler’s current employer, Latham & Watkins, stated that Epstein had offered to bring new clients to her. Ruemmler now expresses regret for her association with Epstein, “I regret ever knowing Jeffrey Epstein,” she said.

Questions have been raised regarding Ruemmler’s interactions with Epstein, particularly since they took place years after he first pleaded guilty to procuring an underage prostitute.

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Ruemmler attended Epstein’s arraignment in 2019

Furthermore, Ruemmler attended Epstein’s 2019 arraignment without representing him or any party involved in the case. Instead, she was reportedly there in support of Epstein.

Ruemmler’s career has been marked by scandal and the erosion of norms. She transitioned from the Clinton White House to federal prosecution, then to the private sector, and finally to the Obama Justice Department, where she became White House counsel in 2011.

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Ruemmler advised Obama contrary to the law

Ruemmler advised Obama that he had the authority to initiate a war with Syria without congressional approval, despite the law stating otherwise. She was also involved in the campaign to dismantle the Freedom of Information Act and increase presidential secrecy.

In 2020, Ruemmler joined Goldman Sachs as the global head of regulatory affairs, capitalizing on her government connections and insider knowledge for private interests.

She was not the first White House counsel from the Obama administration to join Goldman Sachs; Greg Craig made the same move in 2010.

Obama and Goldman Sachs connections

These connections between the Obama administration and Goldman Sachs were unsurprising, considering that the financial giant was Obama’s largest campaign contributor in 2008.

Key figures in the administration, such as Rahm Emanuel, had previously been on Goldman’s payroll.

Obama praised Ruemmler as an adviser

In 2014, Obama praised Ruemmler, saying, “Kathy has become one of my most trusted advisers over the past few years. I deeply value her smarts, her judgment, and her wit — but most importantly, her uncanny ability to see around the corners that nobody else anticipates.”

Although Ruemmler has not held a position in the Biden administration, she supported his primary race in 2019, donating over $20,000 to his election efforts.

Ruemmler praises Joe Biden – ‘no one’ like him

At the time, she stated, “There is no one who has the strength and the quality of character, no one like Joe Biden.”

However, the judgment of someone who maintained a professional relationship with Jeffrey Epstein throughout the 2010s raises questions about the character of those involved in the Obama administration.

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