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Small Business Owners Favor Trump Over Biden, According to Job Creators Network Foundation Poll

A recent poll by the Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF) has revealed that a majority of small business employers in the United States support former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden.

The poll, conducted as part of the JCNF’s Small Business IQ Poll, asked 400 small business employers who they believed would be more beneficial for Main Street: Trump or Biden.

The results showed that 61 percent of small business employers favored Trump, while only 28 percent supported Biden. This overwhelming response highlights the importance of small business owners’ attitudes towards politicians, as they are vital drivers of the US economy.

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Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation, emphasized the significance of entrepreneurs supporting candidates who prioritize job creation and smart fiscal policies. According to Parker, these small business owners are looking for candidates who will avoid burdening the private sector with excessive government regulations.

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The poll also examined the preferences of small business owners based on their political affiliation. Trump and Biden were the clear winners among their respective parties, with 55 percent support for Trump among Republicans and 51 percent support for Biden among Democrats.

The next closest candidates were Ron DeSantis with 13 percent and Robert F. Kennedy with 22 percent before he switched to an independent affiliation.

The popularity of each candidate among small business employers can be attributed to their alignment with the JCN American Small Business Prosperity Plan, an eight-point policy blueprint that aims to empower Main Street.

The plan includes measures such as reining in spending to reduce inflation, making it easier for small businesses to access capital, and making provisions within the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent.

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Overall, the JCNF poll indicates that small business employers overwhelmingly favor Trump over Biden due to his perceived policies that would benefit Main Street and support job creation. These results provide valuable insight into the sentiments of this important sector of the US economy as the 2024 election cycle approaches.

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