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“Small Religious Start-Up Out Of Bethlehem”: Jon Stewart Mocks Christians, Scientologists Amid Israel-Palestine Conflict

On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart made fun of Scientology and attacked Christians.

The comedian offered some of his own suggestions for bringing about peace in the Middle East while talking about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s post-war plan to demilitarize the Gaza Strip—one of which involved God.

Hamas’ Attack On Israel, And The Retaliation

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On October 7, 1,200 people were killed in an attack on Israel by the militant Palestinian group Hamas.

Israel then attacked Gaza with airstrikes.

Food, medicine, energy, and fuel supplies were cut off to the region prior to Israel’s ground invasion later that month.

Death Toll

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According to the Associated Press, almost 30,000 people had died in Gaza as of February 27.

Christians Can Negotiate Gaza

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Stewart criticized the UN, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Gaza’s neighbors, before stating that Christians are “another player” who could advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“Small Religious Start-Up Out Of Bethlehem”

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Stewart joked that Christians are a “small religious start-up out of Bethlehem” and then switches to televangelist John Hagee’s sermon.

Hagee declares”Jesus Christ is going to sweep over that battlefield and to annihilate that army of 200 million people. The blood will flow to the bridle of a horse.”

What’s The Plan?

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Pretending to be stunned by Hagee’s words, Stewart asked, “so that’s the plan for the Prince of Peace? I am not an equestrian expert, but if the blood goes all the way to the bridle, that’s an enormous amount of blood, no?”

Mini Horses

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“Unless we’re talking about the mini horses,” the 61-year-old continued.

“Because that’s still, it’s a lot of blood, but more manageable, and adorable.”

Poking Fun At Current Solutions

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Stewart stated that current plans to put an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict are predicated on one group “going away,” and since that is improbable, he offered some of his own “solutions for peace.”

Children’s Organization’s Attempts To Solve The Gaza Problem

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The comedian cut to a clip from a CBS news segment featuring Israeli and Palestinian youth at the Maine camp run by Seeds of Peace.

The short film features the children playing tennis, canoeing, and singing songs together as part of the non-profit organization’s mission to “transform legacies of conflict into change.”

Stewart Pokes Fun Again

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“Ok, that one hasn’t been scaled up yet,” Stewart joked.

“And may take longer than we have.”

Just Ask God

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His next idea was to “just ask God.”

However, he said, there had been a “lack of communication” on the topic.

“It’s his house,” Stewart said.

“He’s the one who started all this, just ask God. He can tell us who is right.”

Scientologists In The Picture

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“Is it the Jews? Is it the Muslims? Is it the Zoroastrians?” he continued.

“If it’s the Scientologists, a lot of us are going to have egg on our faces.”

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