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Snowboarding Coach Sues Vermont School After Termination for Expressing Views on Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

David Bloch, a snowboarding coach, has taken legal action against Woodstock Union High School in Woodstock, Vermont, after being fired for expressing his views on transgender athletes participating in women’s sports. As a devout Christian, Bloch believes in God’s immutable creation of each person as male or female and was engaged in a conversation with students about male-to-female transgender athletes competing against natural-born girls in school sports.

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According to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is representing Bloch in the lawsuit, during the discussion, he emphasized the biological differences between males and females, including DNA, physical development, and bone structure, which can provide males with a physical advantage in athletic competitions. Bloch also mentioned that individuals express themselves differently, acknowledging that there can be masculine women and feminine men.

The conversation, which Bloch insists was short, constructive, and non-disruptive, did not name or mention the specific transgender student from another school. Despite this, the day after the discussion, Superintendent Sherry Sousa fired Bloch, alleging that he violated the school board’s policy on “harassment, hazing, and bullying” by questioning the legitimacy and appropriateness of the transgender student competing on the girls’ team.

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In addition to his termination, Bloch was defamed in a letter by the superintendent, accusing him of creating an objectively offensive environment and engaging in harassment based on gender identity. The superintendent’s actions have prevented Bloch from being rehired, and a red flag has been placed on his record.

The lawsuit filed by Bloch seeks to be reinstated to his coaching position and requests the district to exclude discussions of transgenderism from its policies on “harassment, hazing, and bullying.” The ADF attorney, Mathew Hoffman, asserts that Bloch has been a successful coach, leading the Woodstock Union snowboarding program to achieve athletic accomplishments and personal growth for over a decade. Hoffman contends that firing Bloch for merely expressing his views on the biological differences between males and females and questioning the appropriateness of a male athlete competing against females is unconstitutional.

This case highlights the ongoing debate surrounding transgender inclusion in women’s sports and raises questions about the balance between protecting gender identity rights and preserving the integrity of women’s athletic competitions. As the lawsuit unfolds, it will likely draw attention to the intersection of religious beliefs, freedom of speech, and LGBTQ+ rights in educational institutions.

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