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Social Media Slams Putin Ally For Racist Attack on Lloyd Austin

A racially charged attack on U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, published on social media by Dmitry Rogozin, a former head of Russia’s space agency, has ignited widespread condemnation and anger.

The Offensive Post

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The post on X, a verified account belonging to Rogozin, features a derogatory statement accompanied by a racially insensitive image directed at Secretary Austin.

Background on Dmitry Rogozin

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Dmitry Rogozin, previously in charge of Russia’s state-controlled space program, was removed from his position in July 2022.

Known for his provocative remarks, Rogozin has remained a vocal figure amidst Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Context of the Insult

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The attack on Secretary Austin comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and the United States, with Rogozin using inflammatory language to target a high-ranking American official.

Secretary Austin’s Health Issue

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“Before his illness, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin loved being photographed with pygmies,” the post on X, formerly Twitter, published on Sunday, said.

It includes an image of a racist nature.

Rogozin’s Attempted Clarification

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On his VKontakte page, Rogozin suggested that the post on his X account might have been made by a bot.

However, he proceeded to make derogatory remarks about Secretary Austin and other political figures.

International Reaction

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Journalists and analysts, particularly from Ukraine, have condemned Rogozin’s post as racially offensive and hypocritical.

Denazification of Russia

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Journalist Denys Kazansky from Ukraine drew attention to the absurdity of the Kremlin’s assertions that its “special military operation” in Ukraine is an attempt to “denazify” the nation.

Denys’ Post

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Denys wrote, “Former head of Roscosmos, member of Putin’s team Dmitry Rogozin posted a racist tweet about US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. These people claim that they are carrying out ‘denazification’ in Ukraine. In fact, Russia itself needs denazification.”

Foreign Policy Analysts Response

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Jimmy Rushton, a Kyiv-based foreign policy and security analyst, wrote: “This is the official account of a Russian government official (Dmitry Rogozin) calling a black American politician a monkey.”

Violation of Social Media Policies

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The post on X runs counter to the platform’s updated policy, which prohibits direct attacks on individuals based on various attributes including race and ethnicity.

Calls for Accountability

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There have been calls for accountability, with demands for X to take action against Rogozin’s account in accordance with its policies.

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