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South Dakota Governor Supports Texas in Border Standoff

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a key ally of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, has voiced her support for Texas in the ongoing border dispute with the Biden administration.

Texas Facing Invasion

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Noem, in a post on Truth Social, expressed her belief that Texas is “protecting [its] state sovereignty”. and facing an “invasion.”

This standoff has been a focal point of contention between Republicans and the Biden administration since President Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

Texas’ Measures at the Border

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Texas Governor Abbott has taken independent actions to prevent migrants from crossing the border, including deploying razor-wire and floating barriers with serrated discs.

Razor Wire Fence Controversy

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Notably, Texas has refused federal agents permission to cut wire in the border area of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, despite a Supreme Court ruling allowing such action as part of Abbott’s Operation Lone Star.

Governor Noem’s Support

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Governor Kristi Noem expressed her support for Texas, commending the state for protecting its sovereignty in the face of what she and Abbott have referred to as an “invasion.” 

Effects Seen in South Dakota as Well

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Noem asserted that “I as the the governor of South Dakota see the effects of Joe Biden ignoring federal law and allowing this invasion every single day in my home state.”

Backing from Republican Governors

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A total of 25 Republican governors, including Governor Noem, have stood in solidarity with Governor Abbott’s border policies.

They emphasized their support in a letter, applauding Texas for using tools like razor wire fences to secure the border.

Lax Enforcement of existing immigration laws 

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The governors criticized the Biden administration for not enforcing existing immigration laws and allowing mass parole of undocumented migrants.

Abbott’s Claims of an “Invasion”

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Governor Abbott has reiterated his characterization of the border situation as an “invasion” and invoked Texas’s constitutional authority to protect itself under Article I, § 10, Clause 3.

He has maintained that this state authority supersedes federal statutes that may contradict it.

Support from Other Republican Figures

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Prominent Republican figures, such as Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, have also thrown their support behind Governor Abbott and his stance on the border.

They expressed solidarity with Texas and its efforts to address what they perceive as an invasion.

Debate Over Abbott’s Declaration

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While Abbott cites Article IV Section Four of the U.S. Constitution, which obligates the federal government to protect states against invasion, legal experts have raised doubts about the validity of Abbott’s declaration. \

Some argue that governors lack the power to make such declarations or counter federal authority.

President Biden’s Call for Congressional Deal

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President Biden has emphasized the importance of reaching a deal with Republicans in Congress to secure the border.

Emergency Authority

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He has proposed legislation that would grant him emergency authority to shut down the border if necessary.

Negotiations in the Senate have continued, but the passage of a bipartisan deal in the House remains uncertain.

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