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South Korea Detains 5 Illegal Chinese Fishing Boats in Its Territory

South Korea’s Coast Guard has detained five Chinese fishing vessels for unauthorized activities within its exclusive economic zone.

South Korea claims sovereign rights over resources within 200 nautical miles of the coast, and the operation was meant to target boats infringing on the boundary.

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a critical global concern, with China being a major part of the problem.

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Illicit fishing reduces the stock of fish, can endanger marine ecosystems, and impacts the livelihood of those dependent on fishing as a profession.

During the patrol near Jeju Island, approximately 3 aircraft and 30 vessels were used.

The operation revealed that about 300 illegal Chinese fishing boats operate daily in the country’s waters.

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When the security situation is tightened, the figure drops down to 140.

Among the seized vessels, one was found to have more than thirty large fishing nets set up for illegal use.

While most of these nets were destroyed, some were confiscated.

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Earlier, another Chinese boat was apprehended for crossing into South Korean waters from the North Korean side.

The crew was penalized for underreporting their catch and employing banned nets, which worsened the depletion of local fish populations.

The Coast Guard deported five Chinese nationals, detained one captain, and imposed fines of more than $300,000.

Coast Guard officials emphasized the determination to combat illegal fishing, which gravely harms marine resources by capturing young fish.

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They also mentioned that South Korea actively communicates such instances to the offending parties’ home countries as part of its diplomatic efforts.

This crackdown comes amid wider concerns over Chinese fishing fleets’ role in overfishing and exploiting marine resources globally.

Recently, Chinese vessels suspected of violating Vanuatu’s fishing regulations were boarded by the nation’s fisheries agency officials.

This was done in the company of U.S. Coast Guard members as part of a capacity-building initiative in the South Pacific.

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