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South Ossetia Eyes Joining Russia, Local Official Reveals

South Ossetia, a separatist state of Georgia, is considering becoming part of Russia.

Historical Backdrop

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Russia recognized South Ossetia after it intervened on behalf of the region in 2008 against the Georgian government. Only four other countries do so.

Western Critique

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The move by Russia to acknowledge the independence of South Ossetia (alongside another breakaway territory, Abkhazia) has been met with accusations from Western entities and Georgia itself, asserting that Russia has effectively annexed a significant portion of Georgian territory.

Coordination With Moscow

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The South Ossetia parliament’s speaker has hinted at ongoing discussions regarding the possible merger of the region with Russia.

Path to Integration

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The region’s parliamentary head has also articulated that there might be a joint decision on this between both parties. 

Leadership’s Aspirations

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Alan Gagloev, Russian-backed leader of South Ossetia has also talked about this integration in the past.

Roots of Separatism

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South Ossetia’s push for autonomy from Georgia originated in the early ’90s, leading to a conflict that resulted in considerable loss of life and established the region’s distinct identity and alignment with Russia.

Cultural and Economic Ties

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The population of South Ossetia, which is ethnically and linguistically distinct from Georgians, has embraced Russian citizenship and the ruble as its currency. It depends heavily on Russia for economic support.

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