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State Department: No New Communications with North Korea Regarding Soldier Travis King

In the midst of the ongoing situation involving Army Pvt. Travis King, who strayed from his DMZ tour group and entered North Korea, the U.S. State Department has clarified that there have been no recent communications with North Korea regarding the captured American soldier. Reports suggested that the U.N. Command had engaged in a conversation with North Korea about King, but State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller refuted this claim during a briefing. He clarified that there have been no new communications since the early days after King’s border crossing. 

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Concerns for Soldier Travis King’s Well-Being

The U.N. Command has expressed concern about the well-being of Travis King while in North Korea. British Army Lt. Gen. Andrew Harrison, the deputy commander of the U.N. Command, emphasized the primary focus on Private King’s welfare during a media briefing. King, a 23-year-old cavalry scout with the 4th Infantry Division, has been detained in North Korea since the incident. 

Silence from North Korea on American Soldier’s Crossing

As the situation unfolds, North Korea has remained silent about the American soldier’s border crossing. Despite acknowledging receipt of messages from the U.N. Command, there has been no direct response from North Korea. The U.S. has utilized various communication channels to reach out to them, but no reply has been received as of yet. 

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The Incident: Travis King’s Border Crossing

Travis King’s incident occurred during a joint security area orientation tour, where he deliberately crossed the Military Demarcation Line into North Korea without authorization. Originally, King was meant to return to the U.S. after being separated from the military, but he missed his flight, leading to the current situation. 

Continued Monitoring of the Situation

The U.S. government and the international community continue to closely monitor the situation involving Travis King in North Korea. The focus remains on his well-being and ensuring appropriate communication channels are maintained to seek his release.

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