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Surging Numbers of Undocumented Immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico Border Exceed Annual U.S. Births

According to a report released by the House Homeland Security Committee, the number of illegal aliens encountered at the United States-Mexico border has reached approximately 6.5 million since President Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021.

This figure surpasses the annual number of births in the United States, which is close to four million per year. Chairman Mark Greene (R-TN) emphasizes that despite entering a new fiscal year, the nation is still grappling with the ongoing border crisis.

Under President Biden and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, there have been 6.5 million encounters with illegal aliens at the southern border.

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Additionally, almost two million individuals, referred to as “known got-aways,” have successfully crossed the border without being deterred by Border Patrol agents. Experts predict that there may be millions more illegal aliens who have made it across undetected, forming a group referred to as “unknown got-aways.”

Cumulatively, approximately 7.8 million illegal aliens have been encountered at U.S. borders since President Biden assumed office.

Due to the administration’s extensive catch and release network, millions of these individuals have been released directly into American communities by the DHS. Chairman Greene emphasizes that accountability is looming for Secretary Mayorkas in light of these alarming numbers.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Estimates from June indicate that nearly 17 million undocumented immigrants currently reside in the United States, resulting in an annual cost of $163 billion for American taxpayers. This figure excludes additional expenses such as housing, unpaid medical bills, decreased wages, and lost job opportunities for American citizens due to illegal immigration.

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