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‘Take Our Border Back’ Convoy Off to Rocky Start with Slashed Tires and Stranded Participants

A convoy organized by a group called “Take Our Border Back” and labeled by some as “God’s army” encountered a series of setbacks as it embarked on its journey to Texas, aiming to prevent migrants from crossing the Texas-Mexico border into the United States, as reported by WIRED.

Tires Slashed and Stranded Participants

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Before even setting off, some convoy attendees woke up to discover their car tires slashed outside a hotel they had been staying at, according to WIRED. This unexpected incident marked the beginning of a tumultuous journey.

Original Meeting Point changed

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Adding to the chaos, the original meeting point for the convoy was canceled by the location’s owners, leading to a last-minute scramble to find an alternative gathering spot, WIRED reported.

Only 20 Vehicles to Begin With

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In the end, the convoy assembled in a parking lot in Norfolk, Virginia, where approximately 20 vehicles gathered, falling significantly short of the numbers the group had initially anticipated, as seen in video footage reviewed by WIRED.

Claims of 40,000 Truckers Joining

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Craig Hudgins, one of the organizers, remained hopeful, claiming that “40,000 truckers from all over the country and Canada” would soon join the convoy. However, WIRED reported that no additional trucks joined on that day.

Navigation Issues and Discord

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Departing an hour behind schedule, the convoy encountered navigation problems almost immediately, with one vehicle getting lost, as per messages posted in the Zello walkie-talkie app.

One Participant Left

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Tensions within the convoy escalated during a planning meeting later in the day, leading to the exclusion of one participant.

Main Bus Pulled Over

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The convoy’s main bus pulled over on a highway shoulder at one point and ejected one of the passengers. The reasons behind this incident remained unclear, but the individual was left stranded in Florence, South Carolina, without his wallet, as documented in a livestream by someone in contact with him.

Unclear Strategy Amidst Rising Migration Rates

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The group’s stated goals include immediately halting illegal immigration and securing the border. With unprecedented levels of migration, U.S. officials reported that approximately 300,000 people attempted to cross the border last month.

Exact Strategy Unclear

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However, the exact strategy the convoy plans to employ to confront migrants at the border and prevent them from entering the United States remains unclear.

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