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‘Take Our Border Back’ Convoy Set To Rally In Texas

A convoy named “Take Our Border Back” is set to gather thousands at the southern U.S. border this week, aiming to protest against illegal immigration and call for tighter border security measures.

Texas And Biden Administration’s Immigration Feud

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The convoy’s timing coincides with the ongoing dispute between Texas and the Biden administration over immigration enforcement.

This follows a recent Supreme Court decision allowing Border Patrol to remove razor wire installed by Texas along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Governor Abbott’s Stance On Border Security

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott remains steadfast in his efforts to strengthen border security, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, asserting Texas’ “constitutional right to self-defense” against illegal crossings.

The Convoy’s Mission And Route

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Organized on Telegram, the “Take Our Border Back Convoy” plans to travel through Texas, Arizona, and California.

It begins in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a stop in Jacksonville, Florida, before heading to Eagle Pass, Texas, and eventually splitting up for rallies in three different border towns.

Peaceful Assembly And Prayer

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The organizers of the convoy are emphasizing their intention for peaceful assembly and prayer, calling upon various groups, including law enforcement, veterans, and citizens, to join in their cause.

Fundraising Efforts

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To support their activities, the group has successfully raised over $125,000 through a GiveSendGo fundraising page.

Convoy’s Objectives

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The convoy aims to highlight the perceived dangers of an unsecured southern border, seeking to draw attention to the issues of illegal immigration and border security.

Organizers’ Background

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Organizers of the convoy include individuals affiliated with QAnon conspiracy theories, election deniers, and anti-vaccine advocates, as identified by Media Matters.

Spiritual Motivation

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Kim Yeater, one of the organizers, has reportedly framed the convoy as part of “God’s Army,” characterizing the event as a divinely inspired mission.

“God’s army is rising up,” she said on a planning call, Vice reported.

“We all have been chosen for this time.”

Political Support

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Texas Representative Keith Self has shown support for the convoy, expressing enthusiasm for the participation of thousands, including truckers from Canada.

Keith ‘s Message on X

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“I have been informed that there are already thousands of participants planning to attend the ‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy next week and truckers from CANADA will be also be joining!” Self wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “See you there!”

The Convoy’s Impact

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The “Take Our Border Back” convoy reflects a grassroots effort to influence immigration policy and border security, showcasing the public’s engagement and activism on these critical issues.

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