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Ted Cruz and Colin Allred Tied in Texas Senate Showdown, Says Latest Poll

A recent poll by the University of Texas at Tyler revealed a tight race between Republican incumbent Ted Cruz and his anticipated Democratic challenger, Texas Representative Colin Allred, for the Texas Senate seat.

The survey indicates significant uncertainty among potential voters, highlighting the competitive nature of the upcoming November election.

Tied Race in Texas Senate Contest

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According to the University of Texas at Tyler (UTT) survey, Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Colin Allred are currently tied at 41 percent each among potential voters in the Texas Senate race.

Closely Contested

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The poll reflects the closely contested nature of the electoral battle, with 12 percent of respondents indicating uncertainty about their preferred candidate.

Background Cruz’s 2018 Reelection and Democratic Strategy

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In 2018, Ted Cruz secured reelection to the Texas Senate seat after a closely fought contest against former congressman Beto O’Rourke.

Cruz’s victory margin was just over 2.6 points.

Cruz’s Warning to Voters

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As the November elections approach, Cruz has cautioned Republican voters about Democratic efforts to challenge his Senate seat, viewing it as a crucial battleground in the struggle for control of the upper chamber.

Public Perception of Cruz and Allred

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The UTT survey also sheds light on public perceptions of the candidates. Senator Ted Cruz faces a net favorable rating of minus nine points, with 48 percent of respondents expressing unfavorable views of the incumbent.

Colin Allred’s Score

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In contrast, Representative Colin Allred enjoys a net favorable score of plus 12 points, with 30 percent of respondents holding a favorable opinion of the Democratic challenger.

Uncertainty Surrounding Allred’s Image

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Despite his favorable ratings, nearly three in 10 respondents (29 percent) reported lacking sufficient information about Colin Allred to form an opinion.

This suggests that perceptions of Allred may evolve as the Senate race intensifies in the coming months.

Statements from Cruz and Allred

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While neither Ted Cruz nor Colin Allred has commented on the poll results, Cruz previously acknowledged the intensity of the upcoming race, labeling himself as the Democrats’ primary target in Texas.

He emphasized his commitment to upholding conservative values and securing the border despite facing a challenging reelection bid.

Implications of Previous Polling Data

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A National Public Affairs poll of likely voters yielded similar results, showing Ted Cruz and Colin Allred tied at 44 percent each.

Cruz remains the favored candidate to win November’s race despite the competitive polling numbers, according to forecasters Race to the White House.

Survey Details and Margin of Error

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The University of Texas at Tyler survey involved 1,167 registered voters and was conducted from February 18 to 26.

It carries a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.2 percent, providing insights into voter sentiments ahead of the highly anticipated Texas Senate election.

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