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Tensions Rise as Russia Reacts to Potential U.S. Nuclear Bases in Europe

Russia has issued a warning, stating it will respond if the United States proceeds with plans to station nuclear weapons in Britain.

Gennady Gatilov, Moscow’s permanent representative to the United Nations, conveyed this message on the state TV channel Russia-24.

Washington’s Intentions

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The warning comes amid growing concerns about Washington’s alleged intentions to deploy nuclear weapons in Britain as a response to perceived threats from Russia.

Monitoring U.S. Plans

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Gennady Gatilov said, “We are talking, perhaps, about the reactivation of an air base with American nuclear weapons in Great Britain. There is also talk about the possibility of sending nuclear weapons to the Baltic states, to Poland.”

Russia Will Be Forced to React

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He added, “All this creates a tense situation. We are monitoring how developments are going in this direction. Of course, if this is so, Russia will be forced to react to this accordingly.”

U.S. Nuclear Weapons near London

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Recent reports, citing Pentagon documents, have suggested that the U.S. intends to deploy nuclear weapons, significantly more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, at a Royal Air Force station located 100 kilometers north of London.

Previous Posting

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These nuclear missiles were previously stationed at RAF Lakenheath, a U.S. Air Force-operated facility, but were removed in 2008 due to decreased perceived threats from Russia.

U.K. and NATO Policy

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The U.K.’s Ministry of Defence has stated its long-standing policy of neither confirming nor denying the presence of nuclear weapons at specific locations.

This policy remains consistent with NATO’s stance.

NATO’s War Warning

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This development comes in the wake of NATO officials warning member states about the possibility of a future conflict with Russia.

In January, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee, cautioned that the alliance could find itself at war with Russia within the next two decades, potentially necessitating the mobilization of civilian populations.

U.K. Preparedness

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General Sir Patrick Sanders, the U.K. Chief of the General Staff, urged the government to “mobilize the nation” in the event of a war with Russia, highlighting the need for preparedness.

Previous Russian Response

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Last fall, when similar reports circulated regarding the potential deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in the U.K., Russia responded by warning that such a move would be considered an “escalation.”

Removing US Nukes From Europe

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The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, stated that “If this happens, it will be treated by us as an escalation, which will lead to the exact opposite of achieving the pressing task of removing all U.S. nuclear weapons from Europe,”.

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