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Tesla Initiates Recall of 2.2 Million US Vehicles Over Warning Light Issue

Tesla is conducting a massive recall of 2.2 million electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States due to a font size issue on warning lights that could potentially lead to an increased risk of accidents, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported.

Scope of the Recall

Credit: Tesla’s dethroning by BYD reflects the rise of what was a little-known Chinese group only a decade ago, which Musk had publicly dismissed © FT montage/Getty Images

This recall surpasses Tesla’s previous record recall of 2.03 million vehicles in the United States just two months ago.

Font Size Problems

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It aims to address the font size problem affecting various Tesla models, including the Model S, Model X, 2017-2023 Model 3, Model Y, and 2024 Cybertruck vehicles.

Font Size Impact on Safety

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The NHTSA emphasizes that warning lights with smaller font sizes can hinder the readability of critical safety information on the instrument panel, potentially elevating the risk of accidents.

Software Update Solution

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To rectify the issue, Tesla has initiated a comprehensive software update that began on January 23, provided free of charge to affected vehicle owners.

Enlarging Font Size

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This update will enlarge the font size of visual warning indicators related to the brake, park, and antilock brake system (ABS).

Federal Safety Standard

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Tesla’s font size issue goes against the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 135, which stipulates that warning indicators for vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes must be at least 3.2 millimeters (or an eighth of an inch) high.

Contrasting Colors

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The standard also mandates contrasting colors between the written and visual warnings and the background, with red being one of the colors.

Impact on Cybertruck

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This recall also affects Tesla’s newly introduced electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, which began reaching customers in November.

Software updates are being deployed to address the font size problem in units currently in production.

Notification Process

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Owners of the affected Tesla vehicles will receive notifications via mail, with the process starting after January 31.

Tesla’s stores and service centers will also be informed about the recall, ensuring that all impacted customers know the issue and the solution.

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