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Texas Gov. Abbott Says Homeowners Can “Use Force” in Squatting Disputes

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently emphasized the legal consequences for individuals unlawfully occupying someone else’s property in Texas.

He underscored that such acts constitute a clear violation of state laws.

In a message disseminated through social media platform X, Abbott delineated that squatting breaches Texas statutes.

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He specifically pointed to squatting breaching criminal trespass and mischief laws as outlined in the Texas Penal Code sections 30.05 and 28.03.

Abbott further highlighted the Texas Castle Doctrine, a legal principle affirming residents’ rights to use force in defending their properties against squatters.

This pronouncement is part of a broader discourse on the balance between squatters’ claims and the rights of property owners across the U.S.

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This topic has gained attention following various incidents where homeowners faced challenges in evicting squatters.

The issue of squatting has traditionally been seen as a matter for local jurisdictions to address. 

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently reiterated this viewpoint.

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She stated the importance of local governments in safeguarding the interests of property owners and tenants alike.

She also called for decisive action to mitigate squatting occurrences.

Legal experts, such as Neama Rahmani, advocate for stricter penalties for squatting and streamlined processes for eviction.

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Neama argues that protections intended for lawful tenants should not extend to those unlawfully occupying properties. 

Similarly, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced legislative measures aimed at curtailing squatting in his state.

He introduced harsher penalties for offenders and facilitated property owners’ ability to seek law enforcement support in removing squatters.

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This move by Texas and the echoed sentiments in Florida represent a growing trend among states to prioritize the protection of property rights.

Efforts are on to establish clearer legal frameworks for dealing with squatting, signaling a shift towards more aggressive enforcement against unlawful occupancy.

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