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Texas Governor Applauds Ban on University Drag Show

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has come out in strong support of a decision by a university to cancel a drag show for the second time.

Supreme Court Rejects Emergency Appeal

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Following the Supreme Court’s decision to decline an emergency appeal from Spectrum WT, a student organization aiming to hold a charity drag show, Walter Wendler, the President of West Texas A&M University, declared the event’s cancellation.

The Legal Journey of Spectrum WT

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In an email addressed to the university community, Wendler elaborated, “Spectrum WT asked three courts to prevent the denial of their pending application to conduct an on-campus drag show. I did not rule on the application out of respect for the judicial process.”

Supreme Court’s Unanimous Decision

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“On March 15th, a unanimous United States Supreme Court rejected the attempt to prevent another denial. And so, the Spectrum WT application to conduct an on-campus drag show is denied for the reasons given previously and for the reasons further explained in court filings and those provided by the courts themselves,” Wendler continued.

Nationwide Opposition to Drag Shows

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This event occurs amid nationwide efforts in conservative states like Texas to oppose drag shows and limit LGBTQ+ rights, framing the cultural context of the university’s decision.

Texas Senate Bill 12

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Wendler referenced Texas Senate Bill 12 as legislation that restricts “sexually oriented performances” on public property to those 18 and older, indicating the university’s commitment to adhere to state laws and judicial rulings.

Governor Abbott’s Statement on Education

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Governor Abbott commended the Supreme Court’s ruling and echoed his stance on Twitter, saying, “This is the way. Our Universities are to educate our students, not indoctrinate them.” He has previously expressed that drag shows “are not welcome at Texas universities.”

The Initial Dispute and Wendler’s Viewpoint

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The dispute at West Texas A&M University started a year earlier when a charity drag show planned by Spectrum WT was canceled. Wendler condemned the events as discriminatory and misogynistic, regardless of their proclaimed purposes.

Spectrum WT Sues for First Amendment Violation

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Spectrum WT, in response, sued the university, arguing that the ban violated the First Amendment. As the 2024 drag show approached, the legal battle intensified, and the Supreme Court’s intervention was sought.

FIRE’s Commitment to First Amendment Rights

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The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) has taken up Spectrum WT’s cause, asserting, “The Fifth Circuit will hear oral arguments in the case next month. And FIRE will be there advocating for our clients and for the First Amendment freedoms of every public university student — no matter how they express themself.”

The Cultural and Legal Debate

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This ongoing dispute highlights the tension between educational policies, the rights of student groups, and broader cultural attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights, with significant legal implications for public universities across the nation.

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