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Texas Governor Deploys Additional State Troopers to Austin Following City’s Suspension of Partnership

Texas Governor Responds to Partnership Suspension with Trooper Deployment

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken decisive action by deploying 30 additional state troopers to Austin in response to the city’s decision to suspend its partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The move aims to address concerns raised after a controversial traffic stop incident.

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City’s Partnership Suspension Prompts Trooper Deployment

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In light of the city’s decision to suspend the partnership with Texas DPS, Governor Abbott has announced the deployment of 30 more state troopers to Austin. The governor’s intention is to ensure the continued protection and service of the city amid the partnership disruption.

Traffic Stop Incident Sparks Partnership Suspension

Following reports of a traffic stop incident involving state troopers allegedly pointing a gun at a 10-year-old boy, the city officials, with Mayor Kirk Watson’s support, made the decision to suspend their partnership with Texas DPS. This action was taken to address the concerns raised by the incident and evaluate the need for collaboration with state troopers.

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Full Body Camera Footage Contradicts Initial Reports

Texas DPS released full body camera footage that contradicted the initial reports surrounding the traffic stop incident. The video evidence demonstrated that the trooper did not have his gun pointed at the 10-year-old boy, as previously alleged. This revelation underscores the importance of transparency and accurate information in such incidents.

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

Council member Mackenzie Kelly has urged for transparency and accountability in the decision to suspend the DPS-APD partnership. She emphasized the community’s right to receive clear answers that align with their best interests and safety. The focus is on ensuring that decisions made reflect the needs and concerns of the community.

Police Chief Expresses Disappointment, Calls for Unity

Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon expressed disappointment over the suspension of the partnership, recognizing the positive trends in crime reduction, emergency response, and community safety that resulted from the collaboration between APD and DPS. He emphasized the importance of unity and collective efforts to create a safe environment for all residents and law enforcement personnel.

Reaffirming Commitment to Serve and Protect

Although the city officially declared the partnership over, Texas DPS has reaffirmed its commitment to protect and serve Texans by stating that patrols in Austin will continue. The agency remains dedicated to ensuring public safety and upholding its responsibilities even in the absence of the partnership.

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