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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Slams New Senate Border Bill, Calls it “’Unacceptable'”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has expressed strong opposition to a provision in the newly proposed Senate border security bill that would limit the state’s ability to challenge certain aspects of the legislation in local federal courts.

Abbott’s Outrage

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Taking to social media platform X, Governor Abbott denounced the provision, calling it “unacceptable” and expressing his frustration at Texas being stripped of powers in the border security bill.

Controversial Provision

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The provision in question designates the United States District Court for the District of Columbia as the sole jurisdiction for challenges to the validity of certain sections of the bill, effectively preventing Texas and other entities from filing suits in their local federal courts.

Criticism from Legal Experts

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Legal experts, including former federal prosecutor Bill Shipley, have criticized this provision, labeling it as corrupt and highlighting its potential impact on plaintiffs like the State of Texas.

Details of the Bill

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The bipartisan Senate bill, part of the $118 billion Emergency National Security Supplemental Bill, aims to address issues related to illegal crossings across the southern border.

Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel Included

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It includes significant provisions for immigration reform, along with allocating aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Immigration Reform Provisions

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Among its immigration reform measures, the bill allows for the swift removal of illegal migrants if the number detected surpasses certain thresholds, accompanied by an allocation of $20 billion for additional border control officers and security infrastructure.

Republican Opposition

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Despite bipartisan negotiations, the bill has faced staunch opposition from many Republicans, including Speaker Mike Johnson, who declared it “dead on arrival” in the House.

Criticism from Former President Trump

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Former President Donald Trump, a leading figure in the Republican Party, criticized the bill on his Truth Social website, labeling it as a “horrendous Border Bill” and questioning the judgment of those supporting it.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s Remarks

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Senator Ted Cruz has echoed the sentiment of GOP opposition, deeming the bill’s advancement as “entirely foolish” in light of the unified Republican resistance and the House Speaker’s clear stance against it.

Appeal from Senate Majority Leader Schumer

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However, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer urged Republicans to support the bill, emphasizing the bipartisan effort to address the border crisis and urging unity in finding solutions.

Proposed Separate Bill for Israel Aid

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Amidst the debate, some Republicans suggested passing the aid to Israel in a separate bill, but this proposal was dismissed by the Biden administration.

Intense Debate

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The Senate’s proposed border security bill has sparked intense debate and division among lawmakers, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott leading the charge against provisions that would limit the state’s authority in challenging certain aspects of the legislation.

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